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For Sale: Stax SRS-3030 Classic System II

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
Stax SRS-3030 Classic System II

Will Ship To: CONUS

You don't see these very often. These babies rocked my socks the first time I heard (HELLO STAX!) them. So much so I still find myself not wanting to sell them after writing up multiple FS ads only to close them before posting anything. Anyways, I'm going to give this round a real go ahead for $OLD shipped, FIRM.


The 3030 Classic System includes the SR-303 Stax earspeakers, a SRM-313 solid-state amplifier (The RCAs on the back were replaced with solid CNC silver and solid CNC silver with gold plating) with 2 Pro inputs and the original Stax box. I also have a Yaqin SD-CD3 tube buffer that compliments the system nicely if you're interested in warming up the package. Note: The $550 does not include the tube buffer. If you are interested in that as well, please specifically mention so.




Happy listening! beerchug.gif

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This is no longer an interest check.


I will be accepting $550 shipped (FIRM) for the system. If you are interested in the tube buffer as well, let me know and we can deal.

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U are a serial upgraditist...! Way to go man...biggrin.gif
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Is it still available?

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A lot of international requests, but I'd like to keep this in the CONUS for now.

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