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Advice: UM Merlin vs. JH16 - Page 2

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Have, but they're not mine. So the fit wasn't perfect.


But yes, Merlins, Miracles and JH16


JH16 if you want something with real authority and power across all spectrum, especially down low and up high (can come across as hot treble). Miracles if you want subtlety and finesse across all spectrum with a more neutral-balanced approach. Merlins if you just want raw bass power with BA crispness on the mids and highs, but definitely..  alotta bass with more decay than either JH16 or Miracles. The low notes do linger longer and are 'softer' on the edges compared to the BA-bass.

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I too am thinking about getting the Miracles or JH-16Pro's. Truth be told, the fiasco that happened with the JH-3A's have not endeared me to JH-Audio, however. So what is it, guys? Anyone have both of these IEM's and what are your opinions?

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JH 16

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Sorry to bump a dead thread, but I'm also interested in this. Is there really no one who has both a custom JH16 and a Merlin? I generally like dynamic drivers much more than balanced armatures which leads me to suspect I would prefer the Merlin, but I worry it won't have enough energy and punch.
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