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"earbuds" under => 30$

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I think I am dead wrong in catagorizing them all as "earbuds" so I apologize..

However, I was wondering if there were any really good sets of portable headphones that could survive my pocket I should be aware of.

I had a really decent pair that came with my samsung captivate, but the right ear stopped working. They actually had somewhat decent quality for a portable pair and with music ranging from 128 to 320 kbps I really didn't feel like I was "loosing much" in a portable solution... 

My brother gave me a cheap set of 9$ one's he had laying around.. Disgusting quality some parts of songs are barely able to be heard and they just sound over all dull.. There is no "pop" to the music..

Well now.. the driver is literally falling out of one of the sides.. While it still works.. I am counting the life down.

Unfortunately I really am rough on my portable headphones.. partly because I work out with them and then they go in my pocket.. since I live in louisiana.. this means lots of humidity which is hell on eletronic devices.

I would really like a durable, high quality portable set of headphones.

I don't expect to have anything like my sennheiser hd 598s for 30$ or less... But, maybe at least a pair that doesn't make my music so bad.. I notice it while doing a mile on the elpytical.. Something that makes me enjoy my music a little bit more and think less about the fact that I'm exercizing..  I really prefer to try somethng else out than spend another 30$ on a headset to replace the one that is broke. It was a great free headset.. but, I suspect for 30$ i could do better..

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I suggest:



MEElectronics M9

Good bass and good build quality



MEElectronics M21

A little less bass than the M9, but great a well rounded mid and high section



Maximo iMetal 590

Very nice sounding IEM for the price



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M9 on way.

I probably shouldn't expect *too* much out of a 17$ set.

I am still a bit hopeful. I at least have a better idea on what I am getting and probably at a lower price than I would locally at least. A better price/performance than the 30$ -50$ sony brand they have around here I imagine.

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From all the research I've done the past few days it just came down to this for me:


Sennheiser MX580 - $25

BeB "Black Buds" HDSS® - $25

Yuin PK3 - $35-$40


And the soon to come Blox M2C which is expected to be around $30.


I'm in the same situation as you OP, I'm undecided with which I want from the first 3, but I know for sure I'm getting the Blox when they're officially released.

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If these don't work out or last more than two months I might try the blox.

It is nice to see a healthy "low end" market.

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