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IEM buying advice please

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First off, I was looking at the buying guide by price range ( )


I am looking for a cheap-ish IEM for general use, gym and so on. Currently using PL-30 with my Clip+, occassionally with a cMoy (I am going to get a E7 soon, since they are very cheap on (I assume they aren't fake?)


Going by that buyers guide it seems the PL-50 would be the logical choice as it seems they are even comparible to the IEMs in the price range above too?


As far as my tastes go, I would be listening to jazz, classical, hip hop and trance. So the RE0 wouldn't really be applicable as "male vocals sound slightly sucked out or recessed", which would be a great disadvantage for hip hop. I like a good sound stage, but understand I won't get anything mind blowing for this price range.


I live in New Zealand so would have to buy from somewhere willing to ship here.


To summarise, I am looking for a lowish budget upgrade from the PL-30, but am unsure what to look at or if there is anything that would provide a decent gain up to 100USD.



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Sony EX510(highely recommended because it's offers overall clean detailed sound with deep punchy bass and wide soundstage). Others IEMs like Turbine, UE700, FX500, SHE9850, RE-ZERO and TF10Pro.

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