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I'd show up for this. I might be in the Phoenix area over my winter break. :D

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Ok considering we have a fair amount of people here, my question is: how do we get this started?

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Well, just a suggestion.  If downtown Phoenix is an okay area for everyone, the Phoenix Public Library's Burton Barr branch doesn't seem too bad.  Here's soom available rooms.



Meeting rooms A and B seem to be a perfect fit and only at $10/hr.  Tables are available for rent, but if people already have some portable tables, we could use that.  We'd have to call, of course, to get more information.


Also, we would need to know everyones schedule and availability so we can start thinking about when to hold this event.

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I am good with Downtown PHX.


I would suggest to do it after the Thanksgiving holidays. Saturdays would probably be best?

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I'm good with downtown. Though I assume there will be some who

 Will leave for the holidays.

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Yea, we will have to plan for an ealry Spring 2012 meet to avoid any holidays.

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Okay, AZ head-fi'ers... Destroyall and myself have discussed a couple dates for the hopeful spring head-fi meet. Still in planning stages, but we were thinking perhaps Saturday Feb. 25th, or March 3rd? Let us know what works for you guys! PHX library is still the intended meeting place, at this point.

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Sounds cool, I'd vote feb.

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Okee, so that's one for February 25th. C'mon guys, keep the opinions comin'!

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I should be good for the 25th

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Both of those dates don't really work for me however the next week is the start of my spring break so the 10th would be best for me.

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For us, the 10th would have to be a no-go, because we both (again, me and Destroyall are planning it) have school that day. Also, its a Friday so it may not work well for other people. The 25th is a Saturday.

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^Hmm I don't think that would be possible.  The 10th is a Friday and the Library seems to have those rooms booked that day.


Now for the 25th, here is what I did find out.  Meeting Room B at the Burton Barr Branch in Downtown PHX is available.  It can hold a max of 26 people, which is what the lady said.  I am pretty sure that shouldn't be a problem.  Due to obvious reasons, food and drinks will not be allowed.  However, water in water bottles is an exception.  There are only 5 tables available on rental, but I don't believe that should be an issue.  However, if it is, I am sure bringing a few more tables shouldn't be a problem.  I am thinking 2 hours max?  However, it is only $10/hr. so if you guys think we need like 4-5 hours, that can be arranged.  Buying/Selling IS NOT ALLOWED!


Meeting Room B is available, once again.  I am hoping I can make reservations sometime next week so if the majority is settled for the 25th, then the 25th it is.  Below is a link with a small picture of the room and below that, Meeting Room Guidelines.



Thanks guys, and lets make this happen!!  =D

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Im interested. I think the library is a great idea for cost and noise considerations. Any date is good for me.

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February is completely booked, so March is open.  Instead of 2 hours, however, I was thinking of having it for about 7 hours or so.  So it could either be from 9a-4p or 9:30a-4:30p.  That should be enough for people to get a good listen, a good time to set up.  Now the room doesn't look to huge.  Me and Coolzo took a trip to check it out and it is about the size of a living room per say (just enough for about 26 people and that's it).  I still think it should be fine and there will be available tables and chairs, like I have mentioned before in my previous post.  Now people might have to shar a table so please be aware of that, however I think more tables should be available if needed.


Is the first Saturday of March good enough for everyone?  I do apologize if people were looking forward to February.

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