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I am getting this amp and I want to watch movies with it via my laptop.  I researched for a little and weighed the pros and cons of each headset.  The XB700 was my final conclusion, but I am still weary about it because a lot of people don't enjoy them.  The XB700 is hard to power I heard, so the iBasso D2+ should do an excellent job.  I heard it's a fantastic amp.  I had the AD700 before and they were great for gaming, but didn't really need an amp.  I had the HD555 before and they would have liked an amp, but didn't really need one either.  Those were the 2 highest headphones I ever had and still have to stay in that price range.  I was going to get the XB500, but when I heard the XB700 does good with an amp I ventured for them.