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Opinions / Experience wanted: DT880 DAC/AMP combo

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After reading a bunch of threads on different DAC's and AMP's, I have started to lean towards running 600 ohm Beyer DT880's with a DACMagic and a Schiit Valhalla. Anyone try this combo, or have any input on whether it will compliment the Beyers?


I don't want to "colour" the sound too much, I am generally after a more neutral sound, and from what I have read the Valhalla is good in this sense.


Any input?



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Do you think $780 worth of new DAC/AMP is going to make a $250 headphone become a completely new world of audio? I do not. I think the internet has grabbed your wallet and you left your ears on the table. Joking aside (seriously, I'm just joking), I would not get all that equipment to fuel a DT880 of any flavor. I'd get a $200 or so DAC/AMP and call it a day. I don't think you'll notice an appreciable difference between a $200 setup and a nearly $800 setup on the DT880. If your budget is that huge, I'd suggest you get a completely new headphone that is in a new tier instead. You'll get better sound from that, before you get better sound from a DAC/AMP money dump that costs over three times the cost of the headphone it will fuel.


Very best,

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Fair enough! Maybe I should go for a nice hifi setup for speakers instead, might be a better investment in the long run!
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I have a 880 600 out of a lyr and a maverick d1 and its very good. Really balanced and really leaves me wanting nothing more out of the 880. The lyr dynamics really make the 880 fun to listen to. The mav d1 is temp until the bifrost arrives. I agree with the above stated about amp dac vs headphone but do what you want, its your journey. All good advice i'll give it that but i dont feel guilty about running 300$ cans out of a 450 amp and 400 dac (soon to come bifrost). If its any merit, id rather listen to my 880's out of the lyr than the thunderpants most of the time.


All the best,



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To me the 880's sounded a little thin with the Dacmagic.

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Really? That is good to know. I think what I am going to end up doing, is getting a DACmagic and run it through a big amplifier I can use for floor speakers as well. Then pop the headphone into that if I need to!

Now its really down to sorting out whether to stick with the DT880, or go with something a little nicer. Maybe the Beyer T70?



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I am one that favors a $400 DAC, $400 amp and $200 headphones. Why? Well at least I know I'm getting the most out of my headphones. After all there are people that spend $1000 on DAC1 to run it on a T50RP Mod. Honestly your doing the right thing buying DT880 600ohm, Valhalla (my lovely low end tube amp) and Bifrost is supposed to be a good DAC but I like the Fiio D3 and my friends Music Streamer 2.

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I think if someone wants to drop some cash on a more expensive DAC, that's certainly their call, but I get all I need out of my Audioengine D1. It sounds every bit as good as the $700 tube DAC I had in here previously and it only costs $169. Just as with speakers, I'd put at least half of your budget toward the headphones. 

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Originally Posted by mmayer167 View Post

I have a 880 600 out of a lyr and a maverick d1 and its very good.

I had Mave D1 and I find it to be bloaty, I was not enjoying it with my DT880 at all. Ended up selling it away. Then again it's just my preferences, we definitely have different taste.

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