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Hello headfi'ers


A few weeks ago I bought the samsung galaxy s 2 . An android based smartphone. The sound quality via the 3,5 mm isn't that good as it used to be on the samsung galaxy s. So now I was wondering if there exists a LOD for android based devices. So I can bypass the internal amp/dac. So what I'm looking for is a cable so I can connect an USB dac to my phone via the micro usb on my phone. I don't know if the samsung galaxy s 2 is capable to send sound over the micro USB. But i hope so :s .


Now is my question to you, headfi'ers. Can I connect my phone to an USB Dac? And would it increase my SQ dramatically?

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if the galaxy is able to be usb host, then provided the dac has its own power supply, or is within the current limit set for usb devices connected to it, then you should be able to, thats a lotta IF though unfortunately

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Check ebay for a mini usb to 3.5mm adaptor or something, the only phone I know of that can connect to usb dacs is the nokia n8 and it sounds much better over usb.

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hehe usb->3.5mm, not gonna happen, not only does the 3.5mm connector not meet the usb spec, but it only has 3 conductors, you can get the 4 conductor ones to use with mic enabled phones and stuff, but you will still have exactly the same problem, you need the dac you want to use to be able to be hosted by the galaxy

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I use this with my n8 http://www.amazon.co.uk/Nokia-CU-17a-DAB-Radio-Headset/dp/B004K80ICI/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1315402775&sr=8-1 , it takes the sound from the usb out so I assume it contains a dac and headphone amp.

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So it isn't possible ? frown.gif
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possible, but VERY unlikely

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