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Please Recommend a Budget Studio Monitor (Headphones)

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Hello Everyone,


I am newbie in audio recording and mixing.

As i always wanted to record raps and cover songs i started experimenting with audio DAW's


Later, i came to understand the importance of neutral monitors for mixing a good track.


Now, i am in a situation where my pocket starts arguing with my choices.

I live in india and buying any hardware is kind of mess here because 40-60% of Things are not available and things which are available are priced much higher then they should be.


I Started mixing my covers on Philips SHP 2700, Which is nowhere for what i use them for.

I would like you to help/suggest me a new studio monitor headphone.


Unfortunately i don't have much of a choices i am thinking to buy SRH440 by SHURE.

There is a seller near my place which have products which you might suggest me

Please check out his catalog and see if you can suggest me better option then this.

Here is the link for his online store


My budget is not more then 5500 Indian Rupees.

He is selling the SRH440 for Rupees 5422 (which is 121USD)


I am also posting a sample mix i have managed to do with my Philips SH2700

It is the latest cover i did - Waiting For The End by Linkin Park

Audio Recording,Vocals,Rap Vocals, Mixing is Done my Myself.

Programs used - Adobe Audition CS5.5, Waves Plugins, Izotope Ozone & Nectar

Hardware Used - Shure SM7B Microphone and Focusrite Saffire Pro 14 (Audio Interface)


Please download it from here






Please suggest me any good buy listed on this website.


I thank you and appreciate your time and interest for my problem

I wish you the best for your future.





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Sony MDR v7506

Sony MDR v6

Sony MDR ZX700


Audio Technica ATH m50



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Try to see if you can get the GMP 8.35 D monitor in India.

The other options will be the,


1. Ultrasone PL/Pro/650. good for electronic music with punchy bass + S-logic and great sound stage.

2. K-271MKll, very flat, good upper mids for vocals, not to much sub bass.

3. M-50, warm on the bass side.

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