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Originally Posted by BlackstoneJD View Post

Apparently there is some hi-fi show in Munich after which there should be more information about pricing and availability but I am not sure which show it is. Setting aside the wood vaneers it seems the amp is substantially similar to the original version but of course an amp is more than the sum of its parts. I do not expect the difference in price between the standard and SE to be merely the cost of components. On the other hand, there has to be some proportionality.




It's the most important european audio fair. Most german brands present the new products there if not at CES.

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I have the Lehmann BCL. Is this an upgrade sound wise or just an esthetic / luxury improvement?

Thanks, Pedro
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It is an enigma wrapped in an enigma. That is what it is.

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Waiting for mine to arrive from Germany. Looking forward to hearing it with my HD800'shappy_face1.gif

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Just bough one. The SE sound a little bit better - richer sound - than the regular version that I also have. Not night and day differences, but better.


Both are great with my Grado RS1 and Beyer T1.

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Richer sound should be good with the HD800. Which finish did you go for?

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Silver aluminium
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I converted my Lovely Cube BCL headphone amp clone into an SE version by changing components and building an exotic outer case.

See the results here, but read about it on The Lovely Cube thread, post 1022, which at the moment is on page 69....


I hope that link worked....


Screen Shot 2013-04-20 at 09.49.20.png




Screen Shot 2013-04-20 at 09.49.37.png







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Originally Posted by BlackstoneJD View Post

This unit was recently shown with a recommended retail price of $3,199 in Australia. :-(


That's way overpriced

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Anyone compares the SE with the regular version? 

A reviewer claimed that the diff is in the tighter bass,

especially string bass

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Yes, I did compare the SE version clone against the regular one I had until recently. I love upright bass sound, and things like 12 string guitar (and guitarists such as Isaac Guillory) and I would totally agree. Sounds like these with some percussive hf detail sound so realistic. I have some RS-1s and some Beyer T-1s, and the T-1s are just fantastic with my SE. I have also fitted dual mono FET chips to replace the stereo one, and this seems to have resulted in a notch more separation.

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Am auditioning the Lehmann Linear and Linear SE at Sevenoaks Sound and Vision, Holborn, London, on Monday. 

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I heard the Linear SE and Linear (hardly burned-in) alongside my burned-in "Lovely Cube" today at Sevenoaks Sound and Vision, Holborn. I just used CDs in the comparison. I preferred the Lovely Cube to the Linear, and the Linear SE to both of them. I bought the Linear SE. Now that I have it home with me with a high quality mains cable and silver interconnect, I am very pleased with my decision. I may have more to say, but the HDtracks sampler album is opening a new world to me. All three amps are good. The Linear SE is something else IMHO. Oppo 103/Samsung laptop > Gungnir > Lehmann Linear SE > HD800. Happiness...

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I don't know if Norman Lehmann is following this thread, but I am afraid of what the price of the Lehmann Linear SE would be where I live. The Black Cube is currently going for over 1200 Euros, which is about 400 Euros over what it is in Europe. The problem is customs. If I order to be shipped here (Israel) I might be slammed with a huge tax bill.


Even if I trade in my Rhinelander, I think the price is going to be around 800 Euros, which is basically like just going out and buying a new Black Cube Linear without giving up the Rhinelander. 


I don't know if there are any price regulations, but it seems a bit excessive to be selling the Black Cube through one importer for over 1200 Euros, when the SE is supposed to be going for around 1400 Euros in Europe.


However, I think even in Europe the price jump from the regular to SE is a bit severe.  


Lehmann, you need to be a bit more competitive with prices, and also make sure your distributors aren't overdoing it.

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