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Integrated amps for the mean time.

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So I need tracking headphones and mixing headphones, for the mixing set I've decided to give the AKG k701's a fair shot, but that means I'll need an amp too, and that means waiting a few weeks, and even then I'll only have about $200 for the amp.

I have some old stereo equipment that been sitting around for years now and I was wondering if anyone had an idea if they would be worth using until I can get a headphone amp.




The Zoom r24 is new, I've just bought that but don't really know about it's headphone amp


The pioneer receiver (VSX-D412) is a fairly low end receiver that I've been using for years to power some bookshelf speakers.  


The Yamaha T-760/A-760 combo I have no idea about, I've tried doing some researching, but I've not turned up anything on whats powering it's "phones" jack.  I do believe that it will have enough power though as I've almost become def learning that the "disc" button must be off to activate the headphone output.


The Koss K/4DS I'm playing with now and it's got some different effects and honestly they sound better than most simulated surround effects that I've heard, not really more realistic, but just more fun. I think i'm going to hang on to that anyways just for the novelty, but still know nothing about it's "stereophones" output.  It seams a bit right biased, but it's pots are all dirty as heck so it may need some cleaning.

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Ok, so this Yamaha sounds twice as nice as the pioneer does, I'm just going to order the k701's stop bothering you guys, and work my way up from there once I have a bit more to spend because I really don't think that I'll be satisfied with a $200 amp, and I know I won't be happy waiting either.

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