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Sony MDR-V6 right for me?

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Hi guys, I'm wondering if buying a sony MDR-V6 would be a pair of headphones for me.  I mainly listen to Radiohead, trip hop( e.g portishead massive attack) boards of Canada, a lot of hip hop (e.g binary star, wu-tang, madvillainy) and other rock like pink floyd.  I would mainly be using these as portable headphones and I have a pa2v2, but would rather not walk around with it, so would I be okay to use these with my ipod without a portable amp?  They would cost 79.99 CDN and any other reccomendations in this price range or lower are welcome.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance.

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As long as you have a amp


7506 would be better though. Same thing, better cable

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Other than a silver plug vs a golden one and the labelling on the cups, the 7506 and the V6 are identical. They both share the same parts list. 


They will benefit from an amplifier, most cans will, but an iPod or iPhone will drive them just fine.



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Ok great.  Do you guys think that they would be good for the genres i listen too?

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Yes they will be esp trip hop... the strength of the V6 lies in their bass.. exactly what trip hop needed.

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