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Giant Killers

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After reading the T50RP thread, I see that posters said that a modified T50RP can compete with flagships. Are there any other headphones out there that can be considered giant killers or deliver amazing performance for the price?

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ibuds with the "my dog chewed on the right side bud" mod... MOAR bass

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That's it


Some cans will give you better sound, but the T50RP just sit there and shoots down the Flagsips from the bottom of the scale


Most "Giant killers" are able to double their price in SQ


If you want the best value in sound, go IEM


here's my calculations:


IEM = 2X the value of Fullsized

Giant Killer IEM = 4X the value of Fullsized

$350 IEM = Flagship Fullsized


But then, most high end IEM's are either Customs that range around $1000, or need a IEM only Amp/DAC


I do enjoy my Brainwavz M1 with my FiiO E5. I value about $100 for the package I got for $50. But paired to a Cowon S9/J3 with Jeteffect, blows things away.

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Check out the Superlux HD668b's.  I've read some great impressions from them around here.

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Superlux HD668b look pretty! I'm enjoying some Yamaha YH-100 ortho's right now They may be giant killers with mod, if you can get them for cheap lol. I almost sold mine for $125-, but i'm glad I didn't. They sound better, and are more comfy than my AKG K701. I've also compared them with the Grado 325, and like mine. I'm trying to get together with my friend who has Grado RS1i for a sound compare with my stock Yamaha. One of my other friends has HD600 and I want to compare them to those also. Even though not all orthos are good, I guess I got lucky with mine at the price I got them for. As far as killing giants, another thread I read (forget the name of it) was about the myth of expensive equipment, cables and etc. I think the best way to kill a giant would be to take your price range, $100-300 as opposed to $1000-1500, and pretend that you're buying the last headphones you'll ever buy. I do believe that some giants can't be killed yet, but you will find a great phone for your purpose that a giant cant touch. I love bass, and can't find many phones to compare with Sony's MDR-XB500 bass for the price  Shure and Audio Technica have got my interest lately as well for the reviews on their medium range phones. Please forgive my vagueness and my inexperience heregs1000.gif...   

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