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Which is the bassiest, most V shape headphones from Ultrasone, SigPro or ED 8 Romeo?
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Originally Posted by Edric Li View Post

Which is the bassiest, most V shape headphones from Ultrasone, SigPro or ED 8 Romeo?

Sig DJ's.

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Originally Posted by kawaivpc1 View Post

They cost nearly the same.

Can anyone comment on Sig Pro's sound stage? is it wide enough?


One of the Amazon's reviewers have mentioned that

"The Signature Pro's sound is incredibly detailed, particularly in terms of a very precise mid-range and a tight, but sonically rich and deep bass. The soundstage is as wide as that of the best open headphones, which is almost impossible to achieve in closed headphones."



Two things going on here...


1.) As mentioned already, closed, isolating headphones are always going to sound different than open headphones of the same quality. It's not really an apples to apples comparison; probably closer to apples and pears. Although similar, pears don't taste like apples. That doesn't mean they're inferior, just different, and some people prefer pears instead. One of those differences is going to be a more intimate sound with more impact and presence. Sig Pros have VERY good soundstage for isolating headphones. Better than many open, non-isolating headphones, in fact. Wider than HD800, though? No, definitely not; they're going for something completely different. The soundstage also scales marvelously with better amps, which you wouldn't guess with how easy they are to drive. (I would agree that from a low power device, while still good, they can sound relatively congested.)


2.) Sig Pros are weird. I don't think there's any getting around it. You don't expect them to sound as good as they do. You don't expect them to scale so ridiculously with better amps. If you do side-by-side comparisons with other high end headphones, it's hard to pinpoint why you think Sig Pros sound good. But then you forget about all that and spend 3-4 hours in audio bliss. The closest thing that's come to replacing my pair is the Fostex TH900, but the Ultrasones just end up being so much more versatile.

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Reactions on ultrasone series were always mixed.Some hated them some loved them.

The closed ear cup design is said to cause fatigue to many listeners.Dont know how true thats is ?


Any user reactions ?

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Originally Posted by Edric Li View Post

Which is the bassiest, most V shape headphones from Ultrasone, SigPro or ED 8 Romeo?


Definitely the ed8 . more V shaped, sharper treble, more mid bass hump ;)



I Sold my Sig pro a year ago but Still subded here. I'm pleased to see many people are still fan of this headphone. i loved it and I wholeheartly agree with what was written above. it seems many people own it and love it for a long time and thats a very valuable sign of quality ;)


I sold it because it caused me earing fatigue as many closed and isolating headphones does. :cool: . otherwise, i would have kept it.

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Fatigue is generally more common from exaggerated treble and maybe lack of bass that causes user to increase volume to compensate. This and long sessions without breaks. I've never heard of it being due to closed headphones. Many complained of fatigue from HD800 which is open actually.
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It's a matter of sound pressure. I had the same problem with the Focal Spirit pro and Classic.  If I hadn't this problem the Sig pro would be still mine.


But overally, what cause me fatitgue is distorsion... my Tinnitus is the best test for distorsion  and for example , I can listen to my HD800 or my Stax during hours and hours without any excessive ringings. Two hours with the K812 = tinnitus increase.

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Actually being a DJ for many years which i had to use closed phones,fatigue was also a combination of both design and maker.

Pro dj phones never gave me so much fatigue as closed type hifi phones.

At home or pleasure listening when i discovered open type phones ,it was so much calming to my ear,yet if the room was not silent enough i could hear exterior sound easily.

Usually closed phones trap ear inside causing more pressure to the ear drum.


But still is all how much and what volume you listen..

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I'm listening at average volume if I compare to other people when we have private audio meets.  In public meeting listening level are much higher due to the high noise floor.


Two or three years ago , i was listening much louder until my tinnitus appeared. its a slight tinnitus so it does not bother me most of the time but I then took the habit to listen less loud but I became more sensitive to listening fatigue due to sound pressure.


I'm 44 years old after all. Unfortunately, my ears aren't so young.

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Yeah, SPs can be a little fatiguing over time. I wouldn't call them bright, but they don't hold back on any detail or treble. Honestly I feel the way they fit probably contributes to that as well. Still my favorite headphones for now.

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I noticed the way I perceive a headphone depends a lot on my shape. It happened that one day I listen to a song with one headphone and it sounds very nice. One or two days later I like it less. Most of the times I am better in hearing music when I am less tired. I had days were I find the Sig pro on some recordings with too much tremble but other days they are very nice, for a closed headphone... As said before by others, they are doing better when amped. I listen most of the times with an ipod touch. The same song sounds better when I hear them with the headphone out of my marantz CDP.... but even with the ipod touch I like them and they are a keeper for me.

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