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Earpads $199. Yes includes the used phones
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Have them send the pads and headband cover. It is easy toreplace yourself. Was ccurious myself and removed it some time ago.
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Yes the parts are expensive. New pads for Ed8 are over $250 as I remember
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I attempted the headband removal to try to treat it but half way thru I decided I didn't want to mess it up so put back. I have treated that in a different way than the pads. Long story but may have to remove it in the end, we ll see. Trying to avoid making these cost what they do new and feeling foolish. Learned a lesson though. Buyer beware.
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I will do it and take pictures. It is very easy. Four screws and a closure that can be opened and closed again.
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I opened but there was a plastic tag under and then the headband seemed to be sealed with what looked like a seam from a plastic Baggie only sealed closed maybe along that seam. So I couldn't easily see how to get it off without unsealing that seam. ??
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The seam can be opened and closed, it is mounted in the m as nufacturing line like that. Have no time for pictures today, maybe at the weekend. Don't be afraid, just try it. It's that easy-to-use.
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I should have asked here. If I have time I'll try but otherwise picks would be great!

Edit-Thanks, just took it off and re going over inside.
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Gotta say, i kinda get it with these two headphones-the Sig Pro and the Ed8.  Really the Ed8 is more comfortable and the sound signature is geared toward out doors as a portable should.  The slight tilt of the highs and the sub-bass are perfect for noisy outside conditions, cutting what you want to hear through the environment.  On the other hand the Sig Pro has a more balanced sound, is heavier and more clampy and sealed tight.  Seems to fit a home(with the exception of soundstage) or studio setting better.  Walking in the Sig Pro with its uncomfortable headband hurts after a bit yet at home it is a non-factor because it doesn't drop against the head and make constant pressure on the top.  


I feel that the Sig Pro slightly wins out on balanced presentation, but the Ed8 works better portable…..just as they are supposed to be used. So i get what they are trying to do.  Glad i don't have to choose and i get them both :biggrin:  I actually know which one i would choose but i will keep that to myself, along with the reasons, i will say they are both great headphones with very good instrument separation and detail.

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You should add the Signature DJ to your stable. Then you've added a superb bass and a very large soundstage.
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Oh yeah, one more headphone, check my profile.  If i get one more headphone i will have one less wife thats for sure.:blink:

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Originally Posted by dallan View Post

Oh yeah, one more headphone, check my profile.  If i get one more headphone i will have one less wife thats for sure.blink.gif
you had better do a very careful cost benefit analysis then...
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Well, still working on the smoke smell. Getting better after soaking the poor beautiful headband in carpet deodorizer but now it has a purfumy smell and still a lingering cigarette smell but much better, going to try one more thing on that part. The ear pads on the other hand keep having the smell come back after I have it better, the smell just comes oozing out of the foam inside I guess. I don't want to soak them too because they are to delicate so it looks like I will end up ordering a new pair at ultrasone-$199. Plus shipping. Love the sound though. The box is going in the trash can. One of the cables had no smell, the other was very strong however simple green soaking and scrubbing fixed it. Wow what a chore these have been.
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Sorry for the lovely box. I use it everyday for commuting.
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I can't even keep it (case) in my car, makes my whole car reek like I'm a smoker. Contacted seller and he said the earpads just smell like that and he didn't smoke. Funny, the long cord stank and the short one had no smell. I could tell the one that was used. When I got them at first I didn't really identify the smell but later it got so strong I couldn't keep them inside my house. It was like the outsides were treated but inside had been so saturated that it finally came through in an eye watering strength. Yeah bummer about the box but until I can actually use these without smelling the smoke and making myself smell like smoke, the box is the least of the problem.
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