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Originally Posted by digaddict View Post


I find the Sig Pro's to be very slightly on the warm side of neutral, which I actually prefer. They are fast and detailed with luscious bass that isn't bloated or lacking. The sound gets better with amplification and acceptably awesome without. These are a truly portable design where form follows function in productive harmony. Obviously each headphone has it's strengths and advantages giving it a place in your collection. The Sig Pro however is a great all rounder, probably the most versatile headphone I've listened to and definitely one i'll be keeping for a while. If I could take one headphone this would be it.


beerchug.gif I completely agree and Congrats !

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Originally Posted by Sorrodje View Post


beerchug.gif I completely agree and Congrats !

Ditto for me:)

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I posted this on the "Deals" Thread...









Don't make me buy another pair!!!!

Excellent price for one of THE BEST CLOSED HEADPHONES OUT THERE!!!! (and no, that's not my listing! I'm sticking to my Sig Pros!)

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Sorry I only have limited time right now
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Originally Posted by gelocks View Post

I posted this on the "Deals" Thread...

Looked at the wrong number. My bad that is a good deal.
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Originally Posted by pietcux View Post

Sorry I only have limited time right now


Don't worry, it's a different link from the one you sent!! ;-)

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 Just got mine from Drew @ Moon Audio.


Color me smitten.


Pretty much exactly what I wanted/expected and more. They sound great out of my E12, which will be their primary, portable source. Now I just need to stop buying new gear (won't happen).

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Originally Posted by pietcux View Post

You have a very good reason to be exited.

I don't know how to say it as English is not my native language, but after 3 day of breaking the phones and/or me in, they finally hit me hard on playing some classical music on them. Ipod LOD>Meier Audio Stepdance@ 12 volt(from ENERGIZER XP8000)>Ultrasone Signature PRO. Perfect sound, bass mids and treble in total harmony. Very good soundstage very good instrument separation, very dynamic no harsh treble at all. Bass is very good controlled but also very strong without being pronounced. So the mids and highs are not overshadowed by it. I hope that was understandable enough...

As you might feel from my words the cans are the best I had the pleasure of listening to.



That's a sweet rig! I plan to join you. 

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I bought this because I couldn't find edition 9s (if you've got one I'll buy from you).knowing it has the same driver, it does sound like an edition 9 in many ways. It is missing some of its clarity and impact and soundstage though.


As for ed8, Sig Pro is more enjoyable to listen to than edition 8s... but I find edition 8s to have more of a balanced sound across the spectrum. I find edition 8 more of an audiophile headphones, they're like really great speakers on your head. sig pro are warmer, both are very musical in their own way, as is the whole point of the ultrasone line...but right now I can't take sig pros off my head. 

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hi guys,


just two quick questions


how dose Spro work with portable player? such as  iphones.

i am looking for a portable headphone, and when i say portable, it should be really portable which means they should be easy to carry and easy to play.

so, can Spro work well with iphones?


also, does Spro has any colored sound? like esw9 or t50p. to me, both of them are sound not natural at all. i hope Spro does not have such unreal sound.

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@CaseyD: Sig pro works well from any source although the better is the source/amp, better sounds the Sig pro. Mine sounds well from an old ipod or my phone. SP is very easy to carry and use on the go. As well as a sony MDR-1R or an Ath M50 for example. 


I didn't heard ath esw9 or Beyer T50p but to my ears SP sounds balanced and natural with a touch of warmth ,and an overall bodied and intimate sound. SP is far less colored than a hifiman he-400 for example.

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I had the MDR-1 and the T70p for some time. Both sound good out of an Ipod, but both also scale well with amping. For me the Signature Pro excels the aforementioned cans in linearity and bass quality.
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living in syd is a really terrible thing for an audiophile, especially for someone looking for a headphone,

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