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VSONIC GR07 vs. ATH-M50?

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Hey guys, 

I have a M50 and I want to know how is the gr07 and m50 compared with each other. 

I love my M50 by the way, the only thing that make me consider an IEM is the isolation. The M50 isolation is not good enough for me. 

I ride the bus everyday and the M50 could not isolate the noise well, I can't really enjoy the music without cranking up the volume. I try to stay on -20 dB on my sansa Fuze Rockboxed but the sound just not loud enough consider the background. 

I want to ask whether the GR07 SQ is good enough , if so, how it can be compare to the M50. Do it need an amp out of Fuze? I have a Fiio E7 sitting around without real purpose now, since i don't find myself using it with the Fuze and M50.

the Gr07's price is a lil bit above MSRP right now and I don't know if it could go down or not. Any body have any idea when it will became cheaper? I hope the price will drop soon.

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The GR07 is dynamic and vented so will not have the best isolation, but it's not bad.  I have an old pair of shure 530s which isolate much better but are not as accomplished sonically.  The GR07 once burned in were better sounding to me than the M50s.  The M50s require amping to sound great, the GR07 sounds great out of my iphone.

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While the isolation is not as good as the best isolating IEM's it's not bad. I use my GR07 on the C-train daily. It is much better than the closed back headphones I have tried that's for sure.
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I've never owned the m50 but have listened to a friends. I would take the GR07 over them easily. I think they sound much better, as well a being more portable. No amp needed. I can't comment on the isolation between the two but the GR07 has more than enough for me (but I'm not a bus/train rider).
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Isolation is pretty good, still surprises me. It blocks out a lot. I use it in my commute daily, bus and train. I'm not sure how the volume on a rockboxed Fuze works with its decibel volume numbers, but you may have to turn it up a bit to get a volume level equivalent to other headphones/IEMs.

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Thanks for your help, 

Well , it seem like the gr07 have more isolation than skullcandy titan( old purchase),right? they already isolate enough for me. Well, I hope the gr07 don't let my M50 collecting dust then. From the day I have the M50, my koss Portapro just sit there, starring at me.

Oh well, I will try waiting for a month to monitor the price of gr07 then, do you know when there may be a reduction in price?

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I would buy now as they are actually increasing in price right now and may suddenly be only available at $180 in the near future.

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Wait a bit before you buy or ask the seller, because vsonic add more tips, and for me i found the new tips isolate better.

Including the ear hook is also more comfortable.

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Gr07 for me, its almost no contest. Though they serve different purposes

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I own both the m50 and the gr07. the gr07 is better than the m50's in terms of isolation and is enough for the bus, provided you're not sitting at the back of it.


Sound quality wise, the gr07 destroys the M50s in the highs and mids, offering that lots of clarity and detail, and has better bass extension. Bass punch and treble extension goes to the M50 though.


I don't use my M50s portably, only at the computer because it has better comfort and better soundstage for gaming only

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for music, which one has better overall sound stage, the m50 or the gr07?

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That's a harder one; the M50's soundstage is not the largest for a headphone, while the GR07's is spacious for an IEM.

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Guy you not will be wrong with the Vsonic GR07

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I just ordered my GR07 off of Amazon (seller was Gateshop Inc., fufilled by Amazon) in the US. I paid 179.99, but it came with a free Fiio E6. Not a hugely powerful amp, but gets decent reviews, and is very small and portable. I can't comment on the sound/isolation yet. Supposed to arrive Friday.
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