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New Cans + Amp Help

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I previously owned a pair of Alessandro MS2i's but found them to be a little fatiguing due to their all metal construction, the weight simply made long listening sessions uncomfortable.  So i'm thinking of picking up a set of Alessandro MS1's or Grado SR125's and an amp.  The only question I run into is with these two sets of cans which amp would be better suited, an amp / dac combo or a tube amp?  I really like the look of the tube amps, especially the Little Dot MK 2 II / MK 1+ I+ however i'm afraid that with my source (computer audio out) the dac would be an added bonus.  Namely something along the lines of the Total Bithead, or similarly price wise.


So far i'm considering:


Grado SR125i / Alessandro MS1

Little Dot MK 2 II / MK 1+ I+ / Total Bithead


Budget is roughly $200 - $300 shipped.


Which do you think would be the better option for listening to rock, alternative, and metal music?  I'm just afraid to upgrade too highly to the point where the flaws in the music itself (even at a good compression ratio or lossless) shine through.  I've read often that this is especially problematic due to the loudness wars and lack of good recording with these tracks...


Also, is the MK 2 II worth the extra $20 - $35?  I would assume so, due to the ability to swap between high and low impedence if I ever tire of the Grados.  Any help would be greatly appreciated as I miss my modest hifi.

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If I were you, I think about selling the MS-2 and using the $200-$300 upgrade money to pick up a used RS-1.

I think you'd love the RS-1 and it is comfortable for long listening sessions.

Worry about an amp later. Though I would recommend solid state for Grado. They have a low output impedance and you can get great quality for less than tubes cost. Some hybrid amps are OK, but solid state is the best bang-for-buck option.
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I honestly don't think MS-2i treble is any worse than the MS1 to deal with on a day to day basis, you get a little more sparkle coloration, but it's still the same tonal balance I feel.


If you REALLY love the MS-2's and want to stick with them, your initial idea of a Little Dot to get that warm tube sound to sort of blur that treble a bit and make it easier to listen to, then go ahead! I like how Grados sound through tubes.


Then again, the wood Grados as Uncle Erik has said, are pretty sweet! I somehow like the metal G-cans for some reason...



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