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Petition for a "Video Games Lounge" subforum. - IT'S LIVE  

Poll Results: Would you like ot have a 'Video Games' subforum in head-fi.org?

  • 85% (247)
  • 6% (20)
    I dont care
  • 7% (22)
289 Total Votes  
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There are a lot of gamers in headfi, gathered around a few highly populated threads. Videogames is an industry that puts the sound quality as one of its priorities, and considering that there are companies designing headphones for gaiming, I think the Video Games subforums might be useful.


plus we could discuss games too.


Please post and/or vote in the poll.


thank you.

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I vote yay. It certainly couldn't hurt.

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I vote yes.
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I'm not a gamer, but support the idea.

A lot of members play and I think it would generate traffic and get use. It might open the door to some new sponsors, too.
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YAY, I don't understand how video games would go with the name of head-fi though. 

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I voted yay

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I vote yes.


You might think that Head-Fi is all about audiophile music reproduction, but have you noticed all the gaming threads in the Headphones (full-size) forum? People are coming here to find if there's a better option than the typical gaming headsets for games, especially with the big Mad Lust Envy thread in there. After all, it's why I lurked this place for so long before making an account.

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I'm just a casual gamer, but I'm going to say yes to that. 

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Sure, I'd like to see that. A video game subforum, and perhaps a Movies / Anime subforum :}

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I voted "yay" and will give this more consideration.  Admittedly, it's something I'd been thinking about already.  I thought a gaming sub-forum, with some focus on sound quality with respect to gaming (of course, also with normal gaming discussion), might be a good fit.

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Alright!  Jude's in with us!  

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yay. BF3 is almost beta and... then we'll have the New Elder Scrolls... and then I won't be visiting headfi much in the next 12 months... unless there's a gaming thread on these boards.


Here's to Headfier Andy and McProgger




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Yeah I dont see much PC games' music being discussed here. i.e: Diablo 2 opening theme music is really fantastic, and yeah, perhaps this can bring some games tunes' to head-fiérs too.

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