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Any opinions on ATH-CK100 ? or CK10?


(I do read other threads and IEMs compared thread, just getting up to date `on the ground` info as I will only be buying one pair):)


So Far

Westone 4

Sony EX-1000


*Are there any other IEMs my (triple fi 10) NULL Audio cable would be compatible with?


Thanks in advance again.

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The CK10 is analytical, BRIGHT, and full of life. It's best to first understand which signature your ears prefer: warm/neutral/bright. That'd really help narrow down your choices. As it stands, your two current selections, being the W4 and EX1000, are neutral (the EX1000 to a slightly lesser extent than the W4 IMO), while the CK10 is certainly on the brighter side of things. Not to mention, the sound is very forward, and 'in your face,' which, again, based upon preference, could go either way.


The CK100 is an entirely different beast altogether. It's not mid-centric, but mid-FORWARD! Simply put, it's difficult to take your attention of the mids, but that's not to say the treble and bass are out of place, or fall short by any means. When compared to the CK10's, it's painstakingly obvious which one sounds bright (CK10) and which one doesn't (CK100). In that sense, the CK100 is closer to neutral, than not. I'd say pay either one of the two a visit, but only if you wish to part from the neutrality of the W4/EX1000, with the CK100 being mid-FORWARD, and the CK10 being all-around forward, and BRIGHT.


Just my 2 cents. All the best my friend. smile.gif

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Would you describe my current IEM (TF-10) as warm/neutral/bright?


My ATH-ESW9 being warm I am guessing.

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It's hard to say, to be honest. I'd say they're somewhere in between warm and neutral, because having owned over two dozen universals by now, what's warm and neutral to me is all relative. The TF10's signature is undoubtedly v-shaped however, in that treble/bass are boosted, when compared to the recessed (or to some ears, neutral) mids. Nevertheless, when I think warm, I think first and foremost SM3/IE8 (among others), and when I think neutral, I think first and foremost W4, K2 SP, MTPC, RE252 (again, among others).

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Ok, so I guess I am looking for neutral to bright/forward then:)


Making progress.


I guess a line would be:


*Warm*---MX780 buds----ATH-ESW9----------TF10--*Neutral*?--------?------------?-----------X---*Bright*


Wanting some IEMs around the question marks.


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Of the ones I've heard, those that I'd say are neutral to bright are as follows (in no particular order): CK10/CK100, W4, SE535, EX600/EX1000, DBA-02, MTPC, FX700, RE252/RE262/RE272, GR07, K2 SP. I suggest visiting the multi comparison thread in my signature and reading up on whichever particular ones draw you in.The truth is, any of the mentioned may be the absolute best fit for any one individual; it all boils down to personal preference. For starters, the most obvious question; what's your budget my friend?

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Budget, dunno, hmm - looking at maximum ¥40,000 so that is around US$-500-----$550.



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Hmm, that pretty much makes all the top-tier universals open to you my friend. Referring back to the original post, you mentioned "wanting a more fuller soundstage and a `wow` effect of further forward everything", and music preferences being "rock, alt rock, female vocals", to which I'd personally recommend either the GR07, W4 or the EX1000, the three that quite honestly wowed me, for various reasons. The GR07 wows by it's 'do no wrong' signature, and unbeatable price:performance ratio. The W4, along the same lines, wows by it's nearly ruler-flat signature, able to reproduce music as natural as you'd wish to hear it. The EX1000 wows in it's 'airy, out of head' feel, and impeccable sound; from the high down to the lows, it sounds just awesome with just about any genre. If you're willing to overlook the need for complete isolation, the EX1000 gets my highest merit, 10 out of 10 times, with the GR07 being a close second, and the W4, while no slouch, I find lacking bass quantity (strictly speaking in comparison that is).

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In my pretty extensive experience, my favourite universal iems are the westone 4s as they are great all rounders and make most music sound great. However, for their rather high price, I would recommend saving up a bit more and taking the plunge for customs like the Unique Melody Mage and above.

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Indeed. There's always the entry-level custom route as well. Though I've no experience myself. It's best to search around the various customs threads, particularly our friend average_joe's threadsmile.gif

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