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C'mon guys it just headphones. You'd think from reading some of the posts here that Headwize and Head-Fi had been about discovering a new system of government or something

No seriously, I need to learn more history.

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I think that the seriousness with which people approach this issue stems from the notion that the issue being disgussed is farther-reaching than headphones. The underlying theme of this thread deals with loyalty, respect, selfish/selflessness, and giving credit where credit is due. Thus, the responses are serious, and lack this site's characteristic light-hearted spirit.
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Ya, and if anything it should have been 'just headphone *amps*'

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This board isn't just about headhpones it's also about community so in that respect there is something serious to be said. Besides, when you really look at things everything is just as insignificant as a concern for headphones is in the long run... Since even the universe must come to an end someday. So if headphones make people happy for a time in their lives then they are significant. If figuring out ways to make music sound better makes people happy then it's worthwhile in my opinion. And if you can do all these things and have good conversations with people on the side and engage in the community spirit then you really do have something special as Tyll said. So my opinion is that, yes, it deserves to be spoken of with deference and respect since it is for many of us a fulfilling endeavor to be an enthusiastic lover of headphones. Especially since I myself have recently found that even the things I hold dearest to my heart can fade away just as quickly as they came and leave me feeling quite lonely all of a sudden. Luckily I had some music on hand that seemed to identify with my situation uncannily and that trully helped alot. So thanks to hi-fi in general, I like hearing my music with that little extra bit of passion.
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Yup, seriously, I need to learn more history

I'll shut up and start reading right about now heh
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