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Soundmagic E30 or Head Direct RE0?

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I am looking for a recommendation for a suitable headphone which would complement the following:


Music genre: Radiohead, Portishead, Muse, with occasional Classsical and other Indie tunes.  The aforementioned are main, but every so often will like to listen to Heavy Metal/Nu Metal (and I tend to listen to a lot of Movie Soundtracks).


Source: Currently Samsung Galaxy S2 (Don't laugh! :)) but am looking to get a Sony A865.


I prefer a clear detailed sound with a reasonably large soundstage.  I am not a basshead, but would like a reasonable punch - I guess I am saying I want it well presented as opposed to overbearing and muddy.


I appreciate my choice of headphone - Soundmagic E30 or Head-Direct RE0 - is not going to satisfy all of the above, but I am on a budget and have found in my research that these two represent the best value for money in their price range and appear to represent what I am looking for.  I am looking to spend circa £70 (the less the better I guess ;) although for something that I shouldn't miss I could go a touch higher).


Out of the two, which would be recommended as per the above?  If neither then please suggest an alternative.


Thanks in advance!



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The REO is awesome, but many have had build issues which is something I avoid with IEM's.  We tend to handle IEM's a little more aggressively so I would shoot for something with more toughness.


Perhaps the Brainwavz M2?  For $60 US I really like them.  They are well made and slightly bass heavy, but not muddy by any means.


If you actually want to o headphone the Ultrasone DJ1 Pro receives pretty good reviews and is in your price range.


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Alright bud


Very similar to my recent queries on the forum.  My main source is the same (largely via Spotify) and much of the music tastes similar - minus the Heavy Metal mind you but replace with Post Dubstep/synth sort of music.  You have a very similar sound Im looking for.


All I can say is avoid the Klispch S4's which I own.  Been considering the E30s, RE0s too.  Stretching your budget someone recommended Shures SE215 but Im not sure they fit the sound to be honest.  I do think the Meelec A151s would be a good shout for you if you are looking for accuracy and presentation.  I havent heard any of them though so you're probably thinking this is a waste of time!!!  Not easy finding places to audition anything other than Bose or Sennheiser in Edinburgh hence soaking up all chat on this forum.


Im working to a larger budget either going all out on Sennheiser HD25s or may split the budget on IEMs and a cheaper set of on ears.  Hopefully someone can guide you much better.

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Although I have not heard the E30 - I can vouch for the RE0's - The bass, although you say your not a basshead can be somewhat 'disappointing' at first - But you can always amp it or EQ it for a tiny little bit more punch, I think for the extra £20 or whatever it is over the E30s - The RE0's are maybe better bang for your buck, - But not drawing out the E30's, they do seem worth a shot from the reviews.


What NA Blur suggested is a good shout too, the M1's, M2's and the new Beta's are all fantastic for the price jecklinsmile.gif


Edit : Oh, and regarding the build issue on the RE0's - I don't see mine coming apart anytime soon, I wouldn't say there were anywhere near shoddy - Infact I had some Soundmagic EH10's a week or so back and they ended up snapping on me after putting them on twice...first time I've ever broke a headphone...

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I've got a pair of e30s and from what I've read on the forums, they are about as opposite as can be compared to the RE0s...especially when it comes to the bass end.  If you want bass...go with the e30s...if you want the analytical sound, go with the RE0s.  Pretty sure it's that simple.

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Many thanks to all who replied!


I think I am going to lean towards the RE0 - given the reviews and what everyone has said on this thread they do seem to fascinate me and I just can't resist giving them a go.  I have heard the E30s and they were very good, but the pull of the RE0 just didn't go away.


The Meelec are interesting as well but just a touch out of my price range.  Brainwavz M2 are ones I might get for the wife (only way I could get away with getting two headphones!) as she needs a pair and at that price point it is worth a punt - but that would be later.


I will order them today and will follow up on this thread with my findings. 


Thanks again for all your help.

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