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Eh? I think you have the wrong guy. I have never claimed or heard the W3`s.

I shouldn`t have to do this but I will take a picture now with my W4`s and my Ibasso p3 amp and put it in my avatar. Maybe then you will get over yourself.



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Originally Posted by cifani090 View Post

How would you know? You've had neither. I wouldn't give my SE535's for W4 ever, because the SE535's are much funner, and the W4's are more raw and neutral.


Sorry to make you look a fool.  Enjoy your 535`s.


Originally Posted by cifani090 View Post

Obviously because i quoted you, and yesterday you had the W3's in your sig, so you changed that,



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Originally Posted by ilreceiver View Post



I have some money to burn and it comes down to these two IEMs. I've previously owned UE SF5 and SF5.Pro, and ATH-ES7. It's time for an upgrade. 


Which one of these have a better build quality and sound isolation? I'm more concerned about these two aspects than the sound quality - I'm sure both will be awesome sounding.

My 2 cents...


The SE535s are rock sturdy and isolate better, but I prefer the W4's sound.

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I've not heard the SE535, but I previously owned the SE530 for several years, and from I understand, there's very little sonic difference between the two models. That being said, sound wise, the W4 is just a better earphone. Literally every aspect of the sound is better to my ears (including mids.) The soundstage is simply amazing & better to my ears than the IE8s. 


I've owned the SE425 which likely has the same type of build as the SE535, and, although the individual materials feel more duable, the iem as a whole just feels extremely clunky when being worn. The cable creates HORRIBLE microphonics, feels extremely stiff, and the earphones themselves tend to hurt my ears a few minutes after being worn. The W4 feels like it's made from cheaper materials, but the fit & comfort while being worn is completely seamless for me. Zero discomfort. 


I'm neither a Shure fanboy or a Westone fanboy. The W4 is just better. 

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I use the SE535s and chose them due to the replaceable cable and the ability to change to a cable that has remote and mic for iphone for only $50. The sound is great and found the headstage amp improved them a bit but not enough to justify carrying around an amp all day.

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If someone could help I am also considering these two models, in terms of overall sound quality, which one is greater, as well these will be used unamped from an ipod classic / macbook pro, thanks!

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Westone 4. Plain choice :)

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even though its unamped?

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There's no fine line between the two; they're both equally competent top-tier universals in my book, albeit they each come in very unique flavors. To my ears, the SE535 brings more energy, simply sounds more musical, and renders vocals beautifully, while the W4 sounds more natural, and it's signature is harder to fault since it's nearly ruler-flat. The SE535's lows pack a perfect blend of quality and quantity, while the W4's lows offer less quantity (in comparison), but excellent quality. As an avid EDM listener, the W4 made me want to simply sit back and let the music soak in, while the SE535 expressed a tad more energy, and made me want to get up and dance with the music. Either feeling was great. At the end of the day, I personally prefer the sound of the SE535 (by a hair or two), and the W4 for everything else (cable, build, fit/comfort, etc.), especially since I'm not a fan of memory wire (EX1000 being the only exception, to date). Even still, if I had owned either one, without having heard the other, I'd be equally as content. smile.gif

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Originally Posted by Swatcsi View Post

If someone could help I am also considering these two models, in terms of overall sound quality, which one is greater, as well these will be used unamped from an ipod classic / macbook pro, thanks!

What, the W4 SUCK being unamped, so the obvious answer would be SE535's.


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I agree with your disagreement.

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I have used SE535's before, I liked them alot, amazing IEM's, great isolation. I ended up returning them due to a manufacturing fault, and thus am stuck with a brand new pair I don't really want! I will be posting them on the for sale forum shortly if you are interested.


Other than that, You cant go wrong with either the W4 or the 535 really, both fantastic IEM's!

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Also, the SE535's sounded fantastic when amped with the Fiio E11 I had at the time, although the bass boost can introduce a slight hiss due to how sensitive the IEMs are.

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W4 does not need an amp imo...

I've listened to both and think the sound quality, clarity, accuracy of the W4s was superior to 535s...hence I bought the W4s.  Just my opinion.

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