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Originally Posted by dogears View Post

Stock T50RP = "I &^%$#@! spent my &^%$#@! USD80 for this ^%$#@! sound?!?!"

I actually went like this:


Got out of the box. Saw no 3.55 adapter Mother$#&%#$!!!

Plugged them in.


But I heard something.


Like a Glimmer of Hope


Gave them 50 hours burn. Liked the sound.

Thought of modding.

Added foam to the pads.

Enjoyed the comfort

Added dampening

Enjoyed the sound

Made quick pads for them




Enjoyed them some more

Made pads (tutorial pads) and put them on


Runnin' Down a Dream


Let them rest.

Got HD598, tested several dozen cans.

Came back

Blew dust off




Thought of current mods



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'[Review] Fostex T50RP, My Intro to the World Class Orthos'


I think there is something hypnotic about these phones.
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Originally Posted by Draygonn View Post

'[Review] Fostex T50RP, My Intro to the World Class Orthos'


I think there is something hypnotic about these phones.

I definitely agree, even stock there's something about them that have me reaching for them.

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I dumped venting the Fostex. I'd like to keep it closed.


Okay, here's my current setup: My yummy sandwich pads

N82_1541-fostex.jpg N82_1542-fostex.jpg N82_1543-fostex.jpg

I still can hear the ugly bass with the synthetic leather and prefer the bass with the stock pads on top. I also like the sound|feel|look of the 'inverted stock pads'. You may want to try it yourselves :)



and super comfy headband

N82_1544-fostex.jpg N82_1546-fostex.jpg


Next will be further tuning of bass and extending the treble a bit more.

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Those pads look intriguing, do you have a tutorial?

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It's just another pair of synthetic leather pads ( since I have no access to a pair of decent leather pads yet). Double tape it with the stock pads.

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I wanted to thank you for this great review.  I joined back in January and just purchased my Fostex T50RP last week.  These phones are incredible.

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Very nice review, like Bluezdude I've just got hold of these.


I literally only just 'woodie' my MS1i's but something attracted towards the T50rp.


I'm not sure what it was but perhaps the allure for something other than dynamic headphones.


I purchased these at a Big Buys down here in Australia for $128 Aus. They are literally only a few days old and I will admit they needed some burning in for the first few hours. But after that they had a very laid back and seductive sound to them! I now understand what a black background in sound would look like now!


The music just fades in with such cosmic wonder and then goes off in to the dark murky distant where you can't hear or see the edge. Honestly I feel that this feature is something you will have to experience, it's probably not on everyone's list to try in the headphone world but it should be!


I've already played around with different pads but ultimately opted for the originals. But I did open them up and notice the cavity behind the speakers was very empty! I placed precisely 6 cotton balls in each side and closed them back up.


I couldn't believe how much 12 cotton balls have effected the sound of these headphones. All the muffled/veiled/distant sound was no longer there and the headphones for the lack of a better term had became 'Alive'! The highs are now easily heard still with it's beautiful laid back feel but with more detail and sparkle. Bass is just the same if not more detail as well. I am loving these T50rp's they are so likable, the sound is fluid and smooth and without an hint of any listening fatigue! 


I'm running these out of a bahringer HA400 amp at the moment and for enjoyable listening level I have it at 12 o'clock! Yes, they do love to be fed but here's the kicker - they don't distort or get any harsher the further you wind up the volume!  It makes me wonder what amp would have great synergy with these headphones!


Lastly what makes them amazing to me is the overall experience I get every time I put these on and chill out to my music library. (Man these headphones love ambient/electronic/trance/dubstep!)


Overall, Great work Fostex! (Maybe I've reached the end of my Headphone Journey!) o2smile.gif

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