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iPod 30gb Gen v versus new Classic 160 gb

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Anyone have some advice on sound quality differences between these two?


I really like the Wolfson DACs in the 30gb video iPod and want to be sure I am getting comparable or better sound quality with the Classic.


Thanks in advance for the comments.  :)

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Anyone have a view on this?  Thank you.

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The sound off the 5g is a little smoother, but then again it could have been Rockbox. That's how it was when I first installed RB, most likely the default Crossfeed setting. Plus it's been a while since I've encountered anyone running it on iTunes; even my diyMod is filled to capacity with just Rockbox. Soon enough I'll run into a Classic with Rockbox and I'll get a better impression on the differences, if any.

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the consensus as i understand it is the 5G hp out is crap but its line out is great.  the 6G (classic) has a pretty reasonable hp out and its line out is practically just the same as its hp out.

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I haven't listened to the 7g(heard it's better than the 6), but both the headphone out and the line out of the 5.5g is better. The sound of the 6g classic is bland and lifeless. The 5.5g has a more detailed and airy sound while sounding smoother at the same time. It also gives you a little more impact in the bass region. The only reason I own a 6g now is the compatibility with idevices and the ui. But I do miss the sound of the 5.5g from both the headout and lineout. I prefer my iphone 4 to the 6g classic but not to the 5.5g. Even without the imod, it's still a step above. I can see instances of the classic being better if you have cans/iems that have an emphasized treble or bass. The classic will help to tame that. But then, that's not giving you the true sound of those cans/iems either is it. I may step up to the 7g. Hopefully it is a step up in sound from the 6g.

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Very helpful guys, thanks!

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Been comparing the iPhone4 out to the 5G iPod.  The latter is far better.  More detail,  better bass.  Not even close.  I have decided the iPhone4, while a great phone, is not a great music player even with EQu.

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As far as headphone-out, my Touch 4g with Equalizer app (not EQu) is easily better than my sister's old 30GB iPod Video. I can't compare line-out because I have no LOD.

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Someone else used "lifeless" to describe the headphone out on a Classic which I think is spot on (I have a 120G iPod, so I guess that's a 6th generation).  But from a LOD through a BSG CMOY the sound quality is excellent, so much so that I use that as my default rig for listening to music at home.

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I have a 7g coming that should be here tomorrow. Then I'll see if there's really a difference between 6 and 7 g ipods. So far, the 5.5g is still the best iPod I've listened to. That's both head out and line out with the iPhone 4 being second.
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I have a 7th G Classic (160 GB) and just had a 240 GB hard drive put into my 5.5 G Video.  Before I started using the Classic I compared the audio of both through headphones ( Shure SE420) and the 5.5 edged out the Classic in sound quality. But since the Classic had twice the storage capacity I went with it.  For the last couple of days I have been playing the newly upgraded 5.5 in the car through the LOD once again the 5.5 sound quality seems better over the Classic.  I am noticing more bass and a overall improved sound stage.  I have been driving in our old car and wasn't happy with the way the Classic sounded on the system.  I figured that the car was old and probably needed to have the head unit and speakers replaced but didn't want to spend the money.  Playing the 5.5 in the same car sounds much better. 


I would say that the 5.5 is a much better sounding player than the 160 GB Classic.




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Well I've been comparing the 6 and 7g classics for a few days now, and I'm plesantly surprised that the 7g sounds significantly better. I wish I had a 5.5g here to do a direct comparison so I cant say which one is better. But from memory, I would say the 5.5g is slightly more musically sounding. I would put the 7g ahead of the iphone 4. It sounds a bit more neutral and has a more lively sound. It's definitely a step in the right direction. I thought the 6g was a big step back. I still think the 5.5g is the best sounding iPod ever made, but really can't be sure since I can't do direct comparisons. But the 7g is good enough not make me miss my 5.5g. The thin size, ui, and ability to be used as a digital transport makes it a better bet for me. So it's a keeper.
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Hello. I'm afraid I cannot answer your question or comment to your benefit. Sorry.


I just wanted to ask a quick question. Is it possible to install RockBox on an i-pod classic?

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On the 7g, but not the 6g. I'm really enjoying rock box on mine.
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What would the 7g be called in retail? or how would it be described differently? I'm not up to speed on the various apple models.


Edit: Is that just the generation?

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