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Sennheiser HD25 Question

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I love my HD25's, I really do, but I can't help but notice that the left earcup (without cable) is looser in adjustment. Like, if I pick up the phones by the headband, it'll tilt towards the ground much easier than the right side. I'm hoping this is on purpose since it's the side that swivels so there may be some side preference going on.

But is it a side preference? Or should I go get these exchanged while my warranty is still in effect?

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Shameless self-bump

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At which point on the headphone is it bending? if it is at the joint on the left side, you can tighten the screw that holds the earcup arm in place. Do you see the silver screw at the joint? that can be tightened.conversely, it can also be unscrewed and you can completely take apart each section of the headphones  I am thinking that maybe yours has come loose? I am not sure though.

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It's not really a bend as much as it is a tilt. And it's not the earcup arm that's loose, it's the cup being on the ear. Like, adjusting it is a LOT easier than the left side, which makes me think that the cup is loose on the arm.

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So the little "clicking" mechanism that lets you move the actual earphone to different heights is looser than the right one? hmm I am not sure about that, that might be worth returning if you still have warranty. However, I would wait and see what more experienced HD 25 owners have to say about it though before using your warranty :)

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Right on the dot, Ikel! And yeah, haha, I wanted to have peoples' opinions first before using the warranty because let's just say I'm quite notorious around the local Best Buys now because of an order/warranty issue with my M-50 and initial unavailability of the HD 25's, haha. :)

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The headband length adjustment should not be looser on one side.  I say an earcup that fails to reasonably stay fixed warrants an exchange.

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I received my hd 25-1 II adidas 2 weeks ago, and have the same issue.
I got used to it, but if it where to go any easier, i would have to exchamge it, cause i imagine it could adjust by me moving or running... that would be uber annoying!

btw if you use the pleather pads, WASH THEM! The sound quality and comfort gain is incredible!
they get softer, so they fit closer to the ear what makea their sound much more clear and refined.
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If you hd 25's already have one can that is more loose after two weeks, return them now. The problem will only get worse.

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Originally Posted by Rhashime View Post

If you hd 25's already have one can that is more loose after two weeks, return them now. The problem will only get worse.

I didn't notice this problem on mine and they are 2 years old.  I hope you got to return them.


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I haven't heard of washing the pleather pads for comfort and sound quality.  I've been using the velour pads which aren't that bad and increase comfort.  I might have to try the wash method.  How do you wash them?  In the washing machine?

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No try the microwave biggrin.gif


But no, seriously, hand wash or?

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i would say hand wash. i must try that with mine because i cannot find my velour pads confused.gif

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I just found out the non cord cup swiviles awesome. searisley, I just got my self worried, i checked mine did it too, but on further inspection the cups were not on the same heidth. Anywaise make sure they both are on the same notch before you camepair the tilt.

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Originally Posted by Varley View Post

No try the microwave biggrin.gif


But no, seriously, hand wash or?


For those who wonder, I tried handwashing the velour pads and it increases comfort by a bit. Don't try washing machine though lol.

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