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What are your secret headphones?

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So most everyone has a pair laying around somewhere. They were the headphones you purchased before you really got into it all. The one pair of headphones that you liked and spent a lot of time with. They are very low cost and they don't even rate enough to fit into your equipment list or signature here at Head-Fi.



You figure that they are maybe something that Head-Fi folks will laugh at. They don't sound as good as they used to as now you have better gear to compare them to. You still will never get rid of them for sentimental value. They can also be kind of a guilty pleasure where you pull them out once in a while and listen thinking " Ya, these were not that good, but they have a quality about them that I still like."


Come out of the closet now and post a photograph or just the name of these secret headphones. You will feel better in the end. 




I have a pair of 11 year old Panasonic RP-HT850s that will never break. I keep them around just for sentimental reasons as I spent a ton of time with them. You will never see them in my equipment list or my signature as I really never use them anymore. What pair do you have?

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This pair, the Koss TNT/55


(not my picture)




Back when I was 13-16 (can't remember!) a guy named Larry at my church kept going on and on how great these were with his tape player. I listened to them and immediately went down to my local Radio Shack and bought a pair. At the time they were sold as something else. They usually were $40 retail, but 99% of the time going for $20.


I always loved them. I asked Koss what the replacement was, but they didn't reply. Anyone know what driver it uses? It's the TNT-55. Probably the KSC50.


After this I used a Phillips earbud for nearly 3 years, then upgraded to some Bose Triport AE1s and always loved them (seriously, they're not horrible..if they were $60). I bought some HD-580s, but hated them. Probably because I was clueless and not using an amp?! This was when I was younger. I'm now 31. My first expensive headphones were the AKG K701 and the DT-990. Owned and loved those somehow for 3 years.


BTW check out this awesome Koss commercial. Seriously, it makes me want to go out and buy more Koss headphones:





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I owned both the Apple In-Ear Headphones and Sennheiser HD 25-1 before discovering Head-fi. Though I currently own the Audez'e rev2, which can be described as 'leagues apart' from the Apple and Senn I listed, the Apple and Senn are both great headphones and can definitely 'take me there' to the place of the music. And they make it into my signature. ;)

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I had some over the ear AIWAs that are long gone.
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I started with the headphones that came with Sony walkmans, cheap ones. They broke after 8 months of use. 

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a pair of cheap philip in ears. Bought it long time ago and kept replacing it until i got into head-fi :P

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My first real headphones after the 80s were my Sennheiser HD580s, and I had no clue what they were at the time.



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Sony Fontopia E888 ear buds in gold. I think I was about 12 years old when I got them. I thought they were the best headphones in the world and I was so friggin depressed the day that one side of the connections cut off.





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Koss UR-40's. I bought them from blockbuster and thought that they were the greatest headphones ever. I loved the bass and the comfort. I remember thinking 'man I really need to turn up my ipod to hear these! This must be what all the guys at head-fi are talking about needing an amp for headphones.'

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I'm almost certain I saw a pair for sale here that look leftover for the past I will maybe pick them up!

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Sony Fontopia E888 ear buds in gold. I think I was about 12 years old when I got them. I thought they were the best headphones in the world and I was so friggin depressed the day that one side of the connections cut off.






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My dad gave me the Senn HD490 and HD445 a long time ago. The 445 didn't sound very good, but I constantly used the 490s for gaming and watching movies.

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I guess my set would be the Sony MDR-CD180, which I acquired at a yard sale for a few dollars since they were comfortable, somewhat isolating (closed-back), and easy to drive.


I'd still use them as my portable set if one of the shafts holding the cup to the headband didn't snap clean off. The drivers still work, and the cable is still intact (though I've had to shorten and resolder a few times), but I can't just keep them on my head in one piece anymore. Not unless I build a new headband to attach the earcups to, anyway (preferably something far more comfortable than the stock headband, and maybe foldable for extra portability).

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I used these for a while and without the low bass response, they sounded pretty good and had a good soundstage.




Got these for free.


Tore them apart and modded them a bit. Added some foamies and a FiiO E5. Now they play bass like crazy. The mids are also detailed, but the highs are sharper then knifes.


I keep them alongside my Brainwavz M1's as a contrast. The carrying case is worth their price by itself.


Replaced the plug also, Koss has the worst stereo plug in the business.

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Mine aren't a secret because I've posted my support of them on head-fi in the past.

I own an MDR-V700 and a couple of MDR-V150.

In my journey to mid-fi I have been able to educate myself about what makes these headphones so unpleasant to some people. Though I now own much better personal audio gear than I used to, I don't think I can bring myself to get rid of these or to no longer use them. I mean, the V700 I won't replace with the same model if it reaches end of life, but for as long as it's still functional (and not disassembled in a shoe box ahem), I will keep it in active rotation. And it's still my go-to if I should anticipate getting behind a pair of turntables and a mixer again. They don't sound great. They are a tool with which I have become very closely familiar, very much like a basketball shoe or a race car. I would in fact upgrade from these, but a casualty would be required. And these things do break, so...

The V150 is another story. If they broke I'd get another. If I frankenphoned them to some success, I might still get another. They are circumaural on my older son, so I'm considering getting him a pair. I don't love how they sound. I tolerate how they sound. But I love having these for my music, and the enjoyment of playing my music while wearing these has apparently left an indelible impression on me, because for what stores are charging for these, I could certainly choose better.

There's a version with 3-button remote/mic retailing for like $45. Seeing that stirred in me the most questionable gear lust I can think of. But considering price versus performance I couldn't allow myself to keep it. (Yes, I bought it. Didn't open it though. Will probably mod up my own some day and dance large sweeping steps around the room with it laying in my cupped hands.)
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Swagger headphones. Yeah, that's what they're actually called.

I put duct tape on the band, since there was a giant "Swagger" on there & I thought it looked stupid.


These are my latest phones, since I only got into Head-Fi yesterday.

I thought that they didn't look bad for $5, so I bought them. Was looking for another pair of cans to use, along with my Sony MDR-V150.

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