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Upgrade for Sony Mdr-V6

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Hello all,


I currently have the sony mdr-7506/v-6 ( not too much of a difference from what I have heard), and I was looking for an upgrade.

I am a no audophile, but I could immediately tell the difference between these and the apple ipod headphones. So I was looking for something a litter better. Some of the reviews of the 7506 mention that they are harsh, and I tend to agree with that. Some of my favorite tracks sound a bit boomy, or harsh, and even fatiguing after several minutes. Is this a notable problem with these headphones, and will more expensive headphones fix this? If so, which ones?


Also, I dont have much of a budget, just as long they are around 300$. My main uses will be laptop, or an ipod. That does not mean I want portable headphones though. I want full size headphones, and preferably 'closed'.  


Thank you.

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Take a look through shure's fullsize headphone line

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Hello nagasaki-kid,


Interestingly enough, I was looking through at the shure's and had a few questions . The 940's only had a 4 star rating on headphone.com, while the 840's have a 4 and 1/2. Which ones are better? Obviously the 940's are more expensive, but is the extra price worth it?

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Try the KRK KNS-6400. They're more balanced. Have better mids, less harsh treble and better bass extension. There is also no extra mid-bass. Despite having good bass extension, the 6400 doesn't have tons of bass impact, but that's OK with me since it's a studio monitor. They're still fun to listen to. They cost $99 and Guitar Center carries them.


You can even buy memory foam pads for them.


Here's a review of them I did:



Here's an old comparison between a bunch of studio monitors I did:




It's against the 8400, which is similar to the 6400, but less forward mids and slightly better extension in bass and treble. The treble on the 6400 is much smoother I think.


I do like the 7506/V6, but felt like the KRK would be a nice upgrade for some people.


You can also look into the Shure SRH-940, but it runs about $250-$300 and I haven't heard it yet. I'd like to know if it's a huge upgrade from the 6400.



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Hello tdockweiler,


In terms of describing the sound I want, I think you nailed it with those headphones.


The shure 940's have many mixed reviews, so I think I want to stay away from those. Is there any headphones that have the sound you described in the 300$ price point .



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Originally Posted by tdockweiler View PostI haven't heard it yet. I'd like to know if it's a huge upgrade from the 6400.





I have an idea about that. Check those PM's!


Very best,

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Hey MaLveaux,


How are the srh9400.


Thank you.

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In my opinion the V6 are better than the Shure 840s, overall just a more balanced sound. I would consider something like a HD600 or DT880 as an upgrade, however they will need a bit more juice than those V6.

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