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'Earportz' tips for IEMs

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Has anyone tried these Earportz Tips out with their IEMs?


Any thoughts on how they sound?


Apologies if this should be in the Portables/In-ear section

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Well no, but I was also wondering about them too. I looked on advancedmp3players website and there are 2 customer reviews on there:


Plus there is a facebook thing at the side with a mini review.


Seems to be about 50 / 50 to me.


I was thinking of ordering some, so if you can hang on a week or so ill let you know my thoughts.


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I ordered a trial pack of three different sizes last night.


Im pretty sure I need the large size, so the other two may be available if you want them.

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Great, looking forward to reading your thoughts!

I'll almost definitely need small size, so I may take you up on that offer following your impressions.

Did you use the advancedmp3players or advancedheadphones site? Advancedheadphones now offer free delivery on everything, sorry if you've gone and paid delivery from A-mp3, I would've mentioned if I'd got online to reply before you ordered.

Good luck with them, looking forward to hearing back soon.

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I got them from the ebay advancedmp3player store. They were free shipping, or at least the shipping was included in the cost!


I got notified they have been shipped so hopefully I should get them early next week.

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I found an American seller for anyone who's interested.

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They arrived today!


Sent signed for delivery. Initial impressions are - im not sure the large are going to be big enough for my ears... I usually use large Comply tips and always feel that they are a touch too small. I must have huge ear canals. I think there about the diameter of a 5 pence piece.


Also, they look like minature butt plugs...

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So here is my mini review of Earportz IEM tips

This is regarding their Large Tips V Comply foam Large tips.


The Earportz are much longer than the Comply by almost twice the length! Meaning if like me you’re using UE TF10 pro’s then they really stick out of your ears a long way.                                                                            

I was at first concerned that I would be unable to fit these onto the sound tube. It took more effort than the Comply’s . However it was quite reassured by this that they would stay in place.


Isolation is not so good as Comply, but this may well be down to my huge ear canals as mentioned before.


Fitment is good. I don’t feel as though they are about to fall out of my ears. This is helped by the slightly tacky feel you get to silicone.


Comfort. Not great compared to the Comply’s. The three fins / ridges started to feel rather prominent after about half an hour of wear. I don’t know if these could be modified – cut / sanded -  without effecting the isolation or fitment.


Now, onto sound. For this test I am using my portable gear:

16gb CF modded Ipod mini  >  DIY Low profile Mundorf Gold / SP Copper hybrid LOD  >  Fiio E11 set to low power. High Gain. EQ 0.  >  UE Triplefi 10 pro with Jena Labs 22awg cable.


Base – A bit tighter but slightly less punchy. Not as harsh as with the Comply’s . It sounds as though it has slightly reduced, but this may be due to the mids.


Mids – They really come through a lot better with the Earportz. Not muffled as I find they are with the Comply’s. Sound is more prominent and forward.


Treble – Also less muffled. Not as noticeable as the mids but most certainly better.


Soundstage – Good. I’d say very slightly better than with the Comply.



If you’re a bass head and don’t use an amp with any kind of bass boost facility then these are probably not for you.

If you’re switched on and love the mids and vocals – Mid head(?)-  these are much more compelling than the Comply. I found that overall the sound was cleaner and clearer.

However, comfort is an issue. I found these fatiguing after a relatively short space of time. With the Comply I can pretty much wear them all day without a problem. So really it’s a trade off .

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After some experimentation I now have possibly the worlds first reverse hybrid tips - silicone inside and foam outside.


I took a large pair of Comply foam tips and carefully removed the plasticky tube from the middle. I stretched these out using tweezers. Then I inserted the medium sized Earportz tips into the stretched out foams.


Insertion is a little more difficult, but comfort and isolation is excellent!

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Nice review, very detailed for a pair of tips! They sound good, although like you say comfort could be an issue. I've been using small Shure Olive foamies with my SE425s; our ear canals sound like the opposite of each other's - mine are tiny as I have to work with the foam tips to get them in, but once they do fit they're comfortable.

I find the treble on the SE425s ever so slightly recessed so it sounds like these earportz could bring it out nicely, and would compliment the already excellent mids of the 'phones too. The bass on SE425s is nice, not overpowering, hopefully the tips wouldn't veil it though.

Loving your work on creating the world's first 'hybrid' foam/multi-flange tips, you're probably one of the only people who can manage this, with your canals being large as you say.

Do you get three different sizes in the trial pack?

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2011-09-19 12.58.41.jpg


My reverse hybrid tips. Huge!

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