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For Sale:
Sony MDR-EX600 - As New - Worldwide Available

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Hi there,


- Selling my Sony MDR-EX600 that I purchased off another Head-Fi'er a week or so back -


These are fantastic IEM's but I find myself preferring a different sound signature at the moment and I'm just not in love with these like I am others.

I've got into a habit of selling gear I don't use straight away, so they're not just gathering dust!


They come with everything they first came with - I will wash all the tips before I send them out.

They are as new condition with no marks or sign of use at all; these are the US version with 1 cable.

I'm selling these for £40 less than what I paid overall


Payment by Paypal +4%/Gift


I am in the UK and will ship free next day delivery anywhere in the UK


Outside of the UK I will happily send them, but I will need to get a price first and see how much it sets me back - But feel free to PM me first, I've sent many things internationally before.


Any questions feel free to PM redface.gif

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