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Urgent Advice Needed

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I am a beginner with limited equipment and unlimited music. I have put down the things I have:




  • MDR-ED12LP/R
  •  Brainwavz M2
  • JVC HAS700
  • XB300
  • SR-60i
  • HD518




  • Laptop
  • Ipod Nano/Classic(Cant be rock-boxed)
  • E-72- Primarily for FLAC




  • Sony SRS 05 2.1 Computer speakers.


Portable AMP:


  • Fiio E5


I listen to a lot of heavy metal, metalcore, death metal, fusion jazz, Grunge and Indie rock. I am planning to buy a portable Dac/amp primarily for my laptop audio. I am not sure my Fiio E5 is doing anything else apart from  amplification, however the equipment I have, I am not sure if my E5 is being properly used except maybe in case of the 518.


P.S. Most of my music is FLAC or 320 kbps mp3s


I am not intending to buy any new headphones in the near future.


Please advice on budget DAC. Fiio E7? NuForce uDAC? Anything else. Preferable budget $150.



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Fiio E7/E9? 

Can be found for around $180 at micca. 

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There's no point in getting the E9 right now. The Fiio E7 will drive all of those, and do so without a 10 ohm output impedance that will color the sound.

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E7 it is..



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I placed an order for E7 and they are out of stock currently. So wanted to check for other options in the mean time. 


HD- 518 is gone for now(My brother took it).


Got a MDR- XZ 700 instead. In short, currently all my devices are pretty easy to drive.


I have to admit, I am not an audiophile but definitely love a good sound. What devices would help me improve the output from Laptop.


Does an external USB soundcard do the job? What options do I have? Please look at my current gear and advice.



Thank you.

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Look at this one.


Very best,

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