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(Coming Soon!) Klipsch Reference S4 IEMs

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  I saw this on Klipsch's website and i am really looking forward to the release of these IEMs.


  Firstly, they have got rid of the easily tangled rubber cable and changed it to one that looks less prone to tangling, microphonics and the sound of the wind blowing in your direction. They call it "home theater style" cables, which is rather relevant because it does look like my home theater cables, just that these are a tad bit bronze.


  Secondly, the Reference S4 looks somewhat the same as the Image S4. But now, it comes in black with copper accents, which look really sleek.


  Thirdly, the Reference S4 has 4 PAIRS of earbuds (2 pair of single flange, 2 pairs of double flange) instead of 3 PAIRS that came with the Image S4. That is an improvement, although fitting may still be a problem. All the other specs are the same as the Image S4:

  • DESIGN: Dynamic Moving Coil Micro Speaker
  • DIMENSIONS: 8.5mm diameter
  • DRIVE COMPONENTS: Full range KG 25
  • WEIGHT: 11.9 grams

And the MSRP on the website is US$99, just 20 more than the Image S4, so i can't wait to give them a try when they hit the shores of Singapore, which may take awhile, because i love the output of the Image S4. They are not perfect, but it is above average for that price.


Here's the link to the upcoming headphones/speakers/IEMs that are coming out soon!


Go have a look!

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I just saw the new Reference S4 on their website and I'm really excited! I'm also waiting to try their new Reference X10i, Reference ONE and Mode M40 Noise Cancelling Headphones. They look so retro with their copper accents!


Reference S4iReference X10iReference ONEMode M40

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lol..... so it's a way to get $110 out of a $50 IEM with $30 sound quality? Klipsch, always the innovator...

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I hope that the Reference S4 isn't merely a cosmetic change from the S4 and ProMedia, and that they at least tweaked the sound a little. I do give think the Reference S4 looks better but there's no need to have 3 of these with different colours. Curious about the cable quality though.

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Originally Posted by soundstige View Post

lol..... so it's a way to get $110 out of a $50 IEM with $30 sound quality? Klipsch, always the innovator...

I think the Klipsch S4 have a higher sound quality value than $30 man,,,,Look at Beats lol, they pushed out their black PRO thing, the exact same as their $450 model, in black with some other rapper's name on it, add $100, but still $50 sound quality

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I agree with soundstige. I hope it's more of a cosmetic change because otherwise they're just sucking more money out you. If the sound changes, I hope it's actually going for a reference type of sound. 

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"At least it's better than Beats" isn't as much of a compliment as you may think it is...

Originally Posted by throzen0303 View Post

I think the Klipsch S4 have a higher sound quality value than $30 man,,,,Look at Beats lol, they pushed out their black PRO thing, the exact same as their $450 model, in black with some other rapper's name on it, add $100, but still $50 sound quality


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Why so? That's right! Because Beats rank "basements of basements" and should never ever see the light of day, and saying "a least they're better than beats" just means that the 'phones rank "basement", thus meaning they still suck. Haha. I kid! But having own a pair of S4, I think that the cables really, umm, suck... Literally, it's not tangle prone, but it coils alot. So I hope they fixed that coiling problem with the new reference S4 cables.

Then again, look on the bright side, at least klipsch owners (note: most) do not flaunt their klipschs or act like little crybabies when you diss their 'phones. Basically, with klipsch owners, you don't usually get the ignorant, thick headed numbskull that comes with most beats owners. (note: most)

However saying that, I do feel that the S4 may really sound like $30 only. Once, my classmate tried my S4, and said they sucked, compared to his audio technica ath-ckp300 which were around half the price of the S4, and he is that "announces to the whole world" and "rub it in your face" type of guy, so firstly, I wanted to punch his male-appendage looking face, secondly, I tried the ckp300 and realized that it was actually almost on par with the s4 in terms of overall sound quality, except for maybe the mids and highs. But usually, for peole like him, only bass matters, so anything else above 64Hz (PS: what's the frequency range for lows?) like clarity and sparkling treble is insignificant to his mundane ears. Haha.

So basically, yes, I do think the S4 sounds like maybe $40-$50, and they are 2 years past their prime already, so there are many $30 IEMs that really do outshine or are on par with the klipsch image S4.
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i just want to add that there is a serious burn in time for any Klipsch in ear phone... My S4's didnt achieve optimum performance until about 40-50 hours in... Kind of like my Polk audio home theater Sub (PSW1000) which took nearly 90 hours of medium high volume to achieve burn in...


Try listening to your S4's when you first get them, then hook em up to an iPod at medium high to high volume and burn them in 40-50 hours without listening to them then listen to the difference.


Also remember, these are noise cancelling headphones that depend a bit on the seal in your ear canal so fitment is EVERYTHING!!! A proper seal will give you a fuller, deeper sound and better imaging...


Im just sayin...

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I agree 100% on fitment!


I listened to my S4's for about a week with the tips that came already installed on them.  The sound was clear, but bass was lacking.  I was a little bit disappointed.


I swapped out to the larger tips, and it made a significant difference.  I had to turn the volume down a couple of notches, and the sound was much more full and warm.  The isolation was much better as well.


I am curious what differences the Reference S4's will bring to the table, if any.

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has anybody got these yet?? are they any different from the original S4s?

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Hey guys I have a pair, and heres my impressions of the phones atm...please bare in mind I have had them for a day with about 10 hours burn in (if you belive in that)


ok I had the image s4 aswell and I can say that these phones are a bit more refined, the bass is a bit lighter than the orignals but it excels in all other areas.


there is absoulutely no top end "harshness" which I used to get with the images, maybe this is the "silibance" Ive been hearing about on these forums.


I will report back if there is any other further improvement.


My ony niggle is the wire used, yea it looks awsome but its retained the shapein which they came in, (wrapped with a tie) tryin to straight the wire out, I have been unsucessful in atm, so its all in a "S" shape atm.


but yeah, they have tweaked the sound to be a bit more layed back and more relaxing to listen to, Iam a bit of a basshead when it comes to phones and I do miss that a little from the images.


I have to say I havent tried it with my Fiio yet as Ive lost my wire for it, and will try n get it hooked up and report back.


Hope this helps you guys.

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I've lost my image S4i recently and I'm looking for some new IEMs. Has anyone sone a comparison between S4 reference vs the JVC FXT90?

The fxt90 has slightly but noticeable better clarity in mids and highs, but the bass seems more muddled and artificially enhanced.

How would the S4ref compare?
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Hi Guys,


I have the S4 and really think they sound great if you use the large foams since they seal properly.  The only problem I have is that I cannot use them while working out or running.  They will not stay in and I lose all the base.  Has anyone used the Comply TX-100 Foam Tips and know if they work.  I really don't want to use my iphone headphones to go to the gym since the S4 are far superior.  



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just got these phones a week and a half ago. so far to be 100% honest they sound the same as my skullcandy 50/50's which is sad to say the least (keep in mind ive only played 10-15 hours of sound through them so after burn in they mght be phenominal but as of right niw im disappointed) dont get me wrong they sound great so far just not 80$ great (50/50 is the only thing skullcsndy has done right in my opinion) but other than that ive only 2 more complaints (not saying i hate these or thst they suck, judt trying to give my opinion in what the downsides are) ok so next complaint is minor, the highs seem almost painfuly chrisp (could b faulty model or it isnt burned in yet) but on some metal i play the symbols and snare will be chrisp and louder than the rest of the music (doesnt happen on my sennheisers or skullcandies so it isnt my music or anything) last complaint is my biggest, the cord is from the devil. its literaly the worst cord ive ever used. it coils constantly' i mean try to straighten it out and instantly springs back to abunch of curvy s shapes. it looks rediculous when itsall curvy and messed up (it seems like in order to counteract the tendancy of cords to tqngle they used some sort of shape retension crap) ive heard if you use a blow dryer on them ( ONLY the cord not the  buds, and from a distance) they will straighten out  into a usable cord but i havent tested this yet.


edit: i felt the need to say they dount sound exactly the same as 5050 they are actaully quite good but not that much better, the sound feels more high quality than 5050 but it just doesnt blow me away like my sennheisers did before they broke (decided to try a new brand so i got the klipsch's) and in the review above it seems a little ranty but i do actually like the sound and style very much, just disappointed, because it sems like klipsch did a lazy job with the quality of the cord. again good headphones just could be better and i would expect a bit more for 80-90$

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