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Klipsch Promedia as computer and home theater

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I have a set of Klipsch Promedia 2.1's and was wondering what the best way to connect them to my tv and computer. I looked at the Creative DDTS-100 which many people seemed to suggest, but they don't make them anymore. I guess I'm in need of a DAC or a receiver? I'm still new to all this stuff some I'm a little overwhelmed. My TV only has a Digital Audio Out (toslink, i think). Thanks in advance for all your help!

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So after a bit of research I think that the http://www.mav-audio.com/base/product/tube_magic_d1 The Maverick D1 DAC is what I need? Seems to have all the input/outputs I need at a very good price.

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What's your budget? You seem young... and these arn't very good speakers.

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I'm fairly young at 23. I know they're not the greatest speaker, but they do the job for me at the price I got them for. I would say my budget is at the very most 300? 

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I think a good receiver would be good for you at $300 and since you want a computer system it seems like. If your new to vintage stuff, take a look at our vintage receiver thread and you may be quick to liking the look of these beauties. With a receiver you'll get a tuner, unless you want an intergrated amp where you dont get the radio. Marantz, Pioneer, Kennwood are all great brands.

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Hmm where u at? If in USA i would instantly look at Craiglist and pick out an inexpensive stereo amp/AVR , a 10-12" sub and some bookshelf speakers prolly for much less than $300 beerchug.gif

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A german company teufelaudio has a similar product functioning exactly like the way DDTS-100 does.




Or you can pick up a cheap, old receiver (like the pioneer vsx518, or vsx519 and many more) which accept analog in and digital in at the same time and a component out (usually a receiver does support a component a stereo channel output)


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Do you guys have a receiver that you'd suggest for a newbie with digital inputs? Something like that AMP-100?

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Hmm most entry level current AVR with digital (HDMI) would have 2 in/1 out sort of config else hunt any slightly dated "surround sound processor" with optical/coax However for brand new the costs would escalate quickly so if you gonna stick to 2.1 all the way then it may not be worth it considering that you could offload DAC duty on the PC via a sound card or an external DAC..... but if u thinking 5.1 ++ in future then go for it tongue_smile.gif

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Thanks guys for your help! I think after some research I'm going to go with a Cambridge Audio Azur Receiver? Looks like it has the quality and value I'm looking for. What do you guys think?



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It's a waste of money unless you plan to add 5 passive speakers and a sub to it, all you need is this http://www.amazon.com/FiiO-Digital-Analog-Audio-Converter/dp/B0053VKP8S/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1316468730&sr=8-1, for $30 and possibly a 3.5mm jack to stereo rca cable to connect your tv to your pro medias.

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That looks awesome. The one thing is that I was looking at an avr cause it'll give me volume control with a remote. Is there any other way to have remote volume control?

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That volume control will be for the speaker outputs, not the preouts your Klipsch Promedia will be connected to.

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If your budget is $300, why not just upgrade?  You can sell of the Promedias, and kick back and enjoy a much better system.


If size is an issue, you can always grab this:




Then throw in the Dayton sub that trog recommended or drop down in size and get the 8" sub (cheaper, but still a bang for the buck) and either get an amp or hit Craigslist and search for a receiver.  A receiever would be the best way to go because you can then add more speakers in due time if you wish.


This setup would outwhip the Klipsch and even the Audioengine A2s.


Anyways, the choice is yours to make!  :)

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