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A little help/advice would be much appreciated for :(.

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Hellos everyone,

My headsets have passed to the afterlife a couple of days ago, and I have been looking for the adequate audio gear ever since . I owned a Razer Carcharias that has served me well. The thing is though, I have a Xonar D2X sound card and I'm really looking for a headset or even a headphone/clip mic combo, that would really give me my money's worth with the Xonar. I primarily game, but I do watch abit of movies aswell. Would going with a headset be better? Or should I get a more expensive headset with say ... a zalman clip mic? Any suggestions would be much appreciated! <3


PS: I've been advised to get a AD700s or HD 558 from friends, thoughts?


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Based on what I've read here, I'd say your friends are right. Those 2 headphones are consistently recommended for gamers on multiple threads, by multiple users.


For a lot more gaming headphone advice/discussion (including some discussion around the Zalman and its alternatives), head to this thread:


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HD 598's are really good all around and amazing for gaming. I'm not sure how the 558's are but the 598's are just a better version of them.

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AD700 is over rated. Anemic. Not a fun headphone at all. It's only heralded around online communities (by many, many people who have never heard them, let alone own them) because of foot steps specifically in FPS games which are more audible when the bass is turned down, or in the case of the AD700, it's already naturally turned down. Sound stage is the other reason, and well, any open headphone sounds great with imaging. It has a lot to do with the soundcard/dolbyheadphone device. It's not like the AD700 magically just does positioning--it needs to be told where to image a sound. So please, get a headphone that you like the sound of. Not just because it's a suggested `gaming' headphone. You will be disappointed in sound if you at all enjoy a little bass every now and then.


That said, you didn't mention a budget at all. So it's hard to really give you a suggestion.


So, I'll just drop these on you:


High budget:


BeyerDynamic MMX 300

BeyerDynamic DT290

Sennheiser PC 360


Medium budget:


BeyerDynamic DT880 PRO + clip on mic

Sennheiser HD598 + clip on mic

Sennheiser HD595 + clip on mic


Entry budget:


Sennheiser HD555 + clip on mic

Samson SR850 + clip on mic


Very best,

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^ That DT 290 has a 200Ω mic! Won't you need a phantom power for that?

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