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Beyerdynamic Question

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I have had my eye on a pair of Beyer's for some time now, just noticed they have gone on sale for 30% off from my dealer.

Would anyone have any recommendations between the 770/880/990?  I am looking to get a 250 ohm version as I do see a headphone amp down the road but, I will also be using them w/ my iPod.  I would like the most neutral sounding pair, which is what I gather the Beyer line is known for.


Turning to the 'pros' for this one... any experiences would be appreciated.




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No the beyers are actually known for their bass and treble.  The DT880 is the most neutral of the DT770/880/990, I'd go for that.

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I have never heard the DT770 for any length of time, but between the other two Beyers you mention the 880s are definitely the most neutral sounding.

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Thanks for the info fellas, I decided to go for the DT880 from Beyerdynamic in the 250 ohm version, my dealer said it would be great for portable use (just with iPhone for now) and to leave a little headroom for an amp in the future.


I was looking at the Heed CanAmp, very warm sounding and very sleek looking unit.


In the meantime, I am very happy with the 880's.gs1000.gif


- Mark




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