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Newbie looking for suggestions.

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Hey hows it going? I'm new to head-fi. I started out with car audio and home audio and am starting to get into head phone audio. I am looking for some suggestions on some closed back cans. I say closed back because I listen to my music around people a lot and I dont want to bother them. That is my thinking unless someone can give me other recommendations. 


I listen to any and every kind of music. One day it's rap to dubstep to "southern" rock to speed or death metal to whatever catches my ears attentions. Since I started in car audio I am a bass head but I do have an appreciation for full range sound I just seem to always over do my sub stage in my home or car systems :) . With that being said I am looking for some suggestions for some good headphones around the $300-400 range or lower if there is something good. I do work for Best Buy so I can get a hold of B&W P5's or AKG's for a good price also some of the Klipsch products. 


I will be playing these off my phone (droid X) my computer and I will be getting a new ipod soon. I plan on getting a good headphone amp with a built in DAC to power these off of. I would also like some recommendations for that as well in the $200-300 range. 


Thanks a lot I have been lurking for a few days and there seems to be some very knowledgeable people on here. 

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Denon D2000. $219 shipped here. Does your lovely sound, but has some nice low end bass to satisfy a car-audio bass head looking to not wear subwhoofers, but rather, still have good bass without it hurting the mids of the frequency response at this tier headphone. If you need subwhoofer bass, well, some much cheaper Sony XB500's would do that. Denon's are nice though. And classy looking. Will run off your phone/devices without an amp no problem.


For less, you can go with the Ultrasone HFI 580. Or you can go higher up to the Ultrasone PRO 900 for more crazy bass. Or you can explore things like Fischer Audio FA-003, BeyerDyanmic DT770 32ohm, AudioTechnica M50, etc.


Very best,

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Thanks, I have read some reviews on those Denon's and they looked like a good set as well. I don't have any Hifi shops in my area is there a better place online to order from than another? My Best Buy is one of few with the Magnolia show room where we keep our Denon in ears and B&W's but if it ins't made by Monster or Bose it doesn't sell and I am the supervisor over that department and I hate selling beats and promoting them when Monster sends us branded work shirts to wear. 

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