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Best IEM for <100$ for Drum&Bass.

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Hello, so I have choosen this headphones : Sunrise Xcited, Sunrise xcape impressive edition, Hifiman RE0. I will be using headphones with my iPod touch 4G, later I may buy a better music player, in adition I may buy a e5 amp if necesary. Music will be mainly drum'n'bass/liquid drum&bass and a little bit of dubstep. Which headphones do you reccomend? They may be not from this list. I hope you understood me, waiting for a nice reply :)

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Please guys I need to order today, because my Koss Sporta Pro got broken today, and I only have        ipod earphones which sound horrible.

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I'm not too keen on IEM's, at the moment I'm searching


But I drum with my Brainwavz M1's in most of the time. They do need a FiiO E5 to push the bass and that's all.


I use the M1's because they have a great sound and I ordered 3 back ups in case that I broke one. Now I'm down to 2 backups.


With a FiiO E5, they sound more balanced and more defined.


Get them from MP4nation. I got them when they were free with a FiiO E5 which was perfect.

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Yeah, I saw these headphones, but I want something a little bit better than that. Any more advices?

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HD 25-1 ii's are the boss but they look fairly geeky or you could go with the no-brainer for a lot of this site - audio technica m50's both arent that expensive you can get the for >200

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Koss PortaPros have a lifetime warranty. Just send them back.

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I am looking at the <100. Maybe later I am going to send them, but I want new in ear headphones, so any advices ? :} It looks that at this price range this 3 models are the best, so which one will be better for dnb/liquid and a little dubstep?

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Will RE0 with e5 sound better than  Sunrise Xcited/Sunrise xcape impressive edition? Are there anyone who owned this headphones and could give me an advice? :{

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Have you looked into Xears or FA. They have alot of good selections when it comes to IEMs under $100 and they are, for the most part, for people into bass and soundstage.

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Believe me, you want the Shure SE215s. They have fantasic bass and a lush, liquid midrange.

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In that price range I like the SE215 as well, they have tight bass that's not to boomy. Spider Realvoice is also nice but a bit more boomy but also a bit better in treble. Both have very good mids. If you live in the US and can stretch your budget to 130 you could get the Sony EX600 which are going to be a big leap on sound quality over both though. BTW the Spider are iPhone IEM's with mic and controls. Also in this price range with iPhone controls is the Denon 560R. Again though, the EX600 will slay all of these in sound quality for $130
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I have bought xcape impressive edition. http://www.head-fi.org/t/541204/concise-multi-iem-comparison-spider-realvoice-added-august-11th-2011 by this list it looks like it is the best deal for price/value.

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