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For Sale: 240G WhipMOD by Whiplash Audio

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For Sale:
240G WhipMOD by Whiplash Audio

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I have a 240G WhipMOD that I recently purchased, which I am completely in love with....... However, need to sell it for the cash.  I have been using my JH-16's with my iPhone mainly and even though this paired with TWag is the best PMP I have heard IMHO....I need to sell.   I wanted to put this post up quickly because I love this thing so much and the quicker I get rid of it the more likely I am to not change my mind lol.  Don't worry I won't change my mind just really sad to see this thing go.  I will be posting pictures later but this is a 240G model which is sold out, in mint condition.  Broken in with at least 100 hours, so not even completely broken in yet!!!!!!!!!! Really I do hate to see this go but I need to liquidate the majority of my audio inventory to help fund college and keep my audio addiction to a minimum at least until I graduate.  Thanks guys and only serious offers please, the 240G will never be sold again which is why I priced it at $550 because it is worth it and a lot of people like the new flash version because its the size of the slimmer 120G version I believe but I only rock lossless files and I have a huge library and I have never had issues with this lagging.  Well I do hate to do this but here it goes, Thanks.

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Payment for this item already made on Sep.7 and awaiting seller to take response.

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wow really, just had a lengthy email conversation with seller all morning about buying the whipmod + diy lod, so this does raise a few alarmbells


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