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Originally Posted by jimbob747 View Post

Seems people are getting a bit hot under the collar about headphones changing your tastes... Tastes change and however amazing one set of headphones are unless they're completely flat (along with your equipment being perfect) it's always going to be coloured more towards certain songs.

I don't want people getting up tight about trusting their money but we all know however much you spend, however much you modify, in the headphone world you're never going to get a flat exciting experience that you can listen to all music on... Being 'audiophiles' I struggle to except that you've found something 'perfect' and while i haven't heard the LCD-2s yet with all the variances in equipment people are using with them and different tastes i can't believe they're truly an absolute... If they are on the other hand, then a lot of us are still wasting money but they're almost impossible to bloody audition in the UK!


Perfection for ME... as in, this is the only headphone there is that I can listen to and want absolutely no aspect of the sound changed no matter what music I am listening to. Never before has that happened to me. After hearing dozens of the best cans, if only one has left be completely happy without a single complaint... I will call it perfection. 


The LCD-2 is pretty much flat, yet it's fullness, impact, and attack makes it extremely engaging as well. But no use arguing it, you need to hear it, especially in relation to the other flagships.


By the way, on the topic of wasting money, the LCD-2 (rev1 at the time) was the second or third high end can I bought, and yet only after spending over 20 grand did I realize that it was the one for me all along. 



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Originally Posted by Alghazanth View Post

And by the way, from my very first headphone up to the end of my journey, I have NEVER changed my music just because of a headphone, and I never will. I sit right now with my ultimate headphone enjoying the same music I did with my first foray into this (D2000 ~10 months ago), along with anything new I've picked up on the way.


Oh yes, i forgot to comment on this. I never changed my music either. I changed headphones to suit my music at the time, but not the other way around.



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