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Originally Posted by rgs9200m View Post

'tried and sold the Ed. 8s too (2-3 years back); not too comfortable (small, shallow ear area); sort of an uneasy sound to me; not analytical, just not liquid or warm enough (from memory now).

Heck, the Momentums, P7s and M500s all sound better too AND cost a whole lot less!

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As much as I like the HD800, I still prefer the PS1000, they have a way of reproducing music in an enchanting, and effortless way.


I guess that's what's refered to as,, ''the Grado house sound'', and being the flagship model, they just give you more of that Grado goodness. :)

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Sorry, I saw the post just today. Get the Grado, use some bass eq (a few dB more at 30Hz) and you have it: coolness, aggression, fat bass, extended highs, fatter bass.tried it with d'n'b and it works even better than a non-eq'd LCD. Tried it with Slayer, which is great, because you feel exhausted after one album. It's metal, it shouln't be nice! The Sennheiser is too precise and very analytical. No fun phone for fun music, I think. But which phone did you actually buy?
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Feel exhausted after one album... I wouldn't consider that a good thing (especially for your hearing) - even for metal. Especially as my weekend sessions go for 3-4 hours.
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this is still going? I take the ps1k over hd800. I take it over he90,sr009 too. I have very odd taste. I think most people would darn well think the ps1k is rubbish. for most people I can easily say the hd800 is a much better headphone. the hd800 is actually better I just like the flavor of the ps1k. it is like you know rocky road is not good for you, but screw it I will eat it all day. I wonder what happened to zanth....

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IMO, for the asking price of the Grado PS1000's, their build quality should be a lot better.
They should at least have leather ear cups as opposed to that foamy stuff.
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oh, come on. they are steampunk lol.

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Originally Posted by music_man View Post

oh, come on. they are steampunk lol.

Sorry for my ignorance, but what's a steampunk ?
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http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steampunk scroll down to art and design. I was making a joke. the ps1k look like a contraption. steampunk design usually looks like contraptions and incorporates many unusual, often non-functional elements. heck, just google steampunk. where have you been bro? j/k. it shows up in all manner of design elements. it is hard to explain unless you have a look. it was a joke because I don't think that was what grado intended. like a sci-fi gadget. ya' know? now the jecklin float would not be steampunk. just make the wearer look silly.

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I wasn't trying to be offensive music_man, I just feel the PS 1000 which in the UK costs £1699, should look better built.
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no offense at all. i was joking. it is rather poorly built. it is what it is. i would not recommend it to most people. mine have held up for years but i baby them. well they are covered with cat fur. fur pads then? haha.

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Not only do I find some Grado's to be poorly built for their cost, but IMO the original headband of the SR-009's also looks cheap. I think the HD-800's on the other hand do look to be well made, but IMO it's a pity they don't look like the HE-90.
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yeah, well the he90 falls apart eventually too. the head band literally turns into dandruff. the hd800 is all plastic but it is high quality injection molded. the hd800 should hold up better than a lot of cans. the grado is just abysmal. it is like a coat hanger with dish sponges attached. this is just the nature of the beast. many high end headphones are not built so great. personally it does not really bother me. on the other hand if totl Mercedes benz was poop I would be really unhappy. I spend a lot more time in my car than listening to phones. the sonus faber speakers are works of art but they are fragile as well. I think the attitude towards audio gear needs to be to baby it.

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I've never seen the HE-90's in person so I don't know what their build quality's like, but to me they're the best looking headphones I've seen.
I'm knocking the build quality of some Grado's, ( for their cost ) but yet I did have the PS500's in which I ended up putting some Stax 007 ear pads on, however after getting the Senn HD-600's I decided to give them Grado's to my friends son.
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the sony r10 looks really nice. the hev90 looks amazing. I have nos mullards in mine. at night it is really pretty. I don't really care how things look though. I guess that is why I don't mind grados. of course most people think the ps1k sounds like poop too.

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