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TDK WR700 Wireless headphones

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Got these yesterday, been looking at wireless headphones for a while. 

Bluetooth Sennheisers i tried (borrowed for 1 week) were OK but veiled, not sure if that was anything to do with them being wireless but they didnt impress me enough to buy them.

The WR700 interested me because they used Kleer audio, this is a better transport than A2DP and APT-X and i hadnt seen it in portable cans before.

The RRP for WR7000 is £129 , I paid £37 on offer from Argos! 

I will update this tread but after 24 hrs i would say that these are pretty good and any shortcomings are nothing to do with them being wireless.

Kleer audio provides very Kleer audio, no joke, Laura Marling is excellent on these cans, no hiss , tons of detail and very good dynamics.

The bass is where the problem lies, bit thick and thumpy at the moment but it may tighten up with use.

The best aspect of these is the PRAT , they time really well, Tom Vek's new album can sound confused on some cans/speakers but the TDK's follow the percussion perfectly.

So far , pretty good.





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popcorn.gif There is a lack of reviews on TDK products

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After having used them for a while do you have an update for us because i am thinking of buying a pair myself.

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I onw a pair of WR700, I've been using them for a few years and they are, IMO, one of the best wireless sounding portable headphones out there. The only thing is that isn't as easy as it may seem when you buy them to mess around with that giant transmitter, and that that transmitter is not so tough. Mine had broken, the audio jack got damaged and I was unable to fix it, so I removed the circuitry from the headphones and inserted a female 3.5 mm jack in the right ear cup, and they sound even better than how they did wireless! Very happy 'bout this pair of headphones, even though sometimes they may be fatiguing when on my head for more than half of an hour. If you want a good wireless headphone for both outdoor/indoor purpose, go and buy them; if you are supposed to use them mainly outside, consider a pair of bluetooth headphones, there are many good out there, but you have to know there will be a sound quality drop with bluetooth...

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