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Looking for a slim affordable portable amp

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Ive been on here for a while, ive owned several RSA product, 2 corda products and a few others


My quest for a good portable amp started when my mp3 player broke one day and i had to use my old sony diskman. As soon as I put it on I could notice the difference in sound...'holy crap' i thought...within a few hours I'd signed up on this forum.


I hardly ever use portables any more...but when i do I want the sound to be good. Id rather save my pennies for a good desktop amp which im doing atm rather than going for a portable.


but when i do go portable I want good sound


Can someone reccomend a good slim size amp which is afforable and will deliver good sound


I know the e7. e6 is out there, but is there anything else?


right now ive got a few mp3 players...atm im using an m8 -> e3 - > atrio's one day per week (i love that day!)



Any suggestions?

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What happened to your RSA Predator and other RSAs? Are you going to be happy with the E7 and E6 coming from an RSA? Well for slim portable I always think Arrow.

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I second the recommendation for the Arrow - I just received the 3G because of the larger bass boost on level II and I think that its versatility in relation to adjustments you can make (I normally keep crossover and impedance at 0, however per my personal preference, gain on 1 with my er4Ps and Grado 325s using a DIY-mod or my iphone 4) as well as its SUPER slim portability make it a powerhouse for any portable system.  


Re: 3G, I'd say keep checking the FS boards or email Robert at headphonia to see if he happens to have any in stock.  As with other posts, be patient as it does take a while to receive a response. 


Other Portable amps I've had are the TTVJ Slim (awesome, but I love my bass!), and currently have the Alo Rx MK2 (which I have on the FS boards) which is great as well, a big larger than the TTVJ slim and Headstage arrow, but with better bass and what (at least in my ears) appears to be brighter highs than the Headstage Arrow - just not my cup of tea with regards to sound signature.

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The Fiio's are not to my taste. The predator was beaufiful..


Im a lot wiser now than when I joined head-fi, I know the absolute technical truth about linouts through mp3 players, amps through iems etc..


But I still cannot deny...a good headphone amp is worth its weight in gold.


As with most headfiiers i bought and sold,,,I sold my RSA but never bought another unit...as at the time I was getting info home audio more.


the arrow you say! I will check it out, thanks.



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