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got a link to ue tips? or the exact name? thanks
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I just find out TX-500 gives a good fit to my B&W C5 earphone, so I would keep them for my C5.


Definitely need new tips for ie80 and thank you for all your replies and recommendations.


I also check the old posts in this thread yesterday and really want to try Auvio, JVC and UE tips u guys mentioned. Hopefully i can get all of them:)

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Originally Posted by energie View Post

got a link to ue tips? or the exact name? thanks

Original UE 900 silicon tips - UE single flange
just found a link for your reference.
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thats a kit...i only need one tipe :(

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Does anyone here NOT HAVE a pair of IE80s?


Check out the link below!  :D





**Note : I apologize for peddling these here tongue.gif

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Regarding the tape mod,
I have experimented with bass knob
set at min and max respectively.
I am sure many people did it with min bass
so I leave out this part.

With max bass and tape on,
I found myself immediately in love
with how the sound was delivered.
I can't get enough of it right now.
The power of bass remains the same
but becomes much more focused
and thus dives deeper.

Benefiting from the tape mod,
the mid bass is also well controlled.
Bleeding problem solved.
And of course more details and clarity
can be heard with vocal pushed a bit upfront.

The disadvantage,
to some who tried the mod and then gave up,
is the shrinking of soundstage.
Indeed, with max bass and tape,
the sound ends in enclosure, not expansion.
Especially the vocal ending direction is inward.
Personally, however,
I like that strange intimate feel,
giving me more creeps, in a good way.
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i totally agree, running tape mod and max basses
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I managed to change my g note for note2 a week ago, so my predator running from usb as a dac/amp.
I made that tape mode as well.
I definitely blown away, fell in love with this setup.
What I really like the sound nice with the lower quality songs as well, of course it will be benefit from some great flacs.

I'm glad to be here, without you headfi guys I think I never found my goodies smily_headphones1.gif

.....still need to found my tips, I don't like the originals none of them, I got a comfi from a flat mate, I haven't got a chance to thank him and ask where is he got from smily_headphones1.gif
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Thanks smily_headphones1.gif
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interesting, I will change the bass setting (now at min level)and redo the tape mode. But I guess i will not set the bass at the max level, not such a bass headsmily_headphones1.gif


Thanks for the experiment:)

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Just correct my earlier post a little bit: 


the main part that prevents the nozzle entering is "flexible core" in the pic burtomr provided, not wax guard. Sorry for this mistake. It is not as flexible as described in comply website, at least for TX 500 comply foam tips. So TX500 is not a good choice for ie80 from my experience. But it might suits other IEMs better, like my B&W C5.


With comply foams on other IEMs I owned, eg, C5, westone3, se535(the fit to W3 and 535 are not very good either, but at least better than ie80 which I can never put these tips on), the comply sounds muddy. I do not know if it is due to the wax guard that might block the soundstage , or other comply models without wax guard have the similar problem too. Anyway, comply foam tips are comfortable to wear but overall comply is not my taste... Good news, JVC tips are coming in a week:)


Sorry for my bad english:(

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I didn't even find the Comply's comfortable as they made the insides of my ears itch after about ten minutes wear.


I'd also like to address the isolation issue of the IE80s that is often brought up as a fault. I don't believe that Sennheiser designed these to give the isolation that some other iems will give you. I think their focus was on producing width of soundstage and if that meant sacrificing some isolation then so be it. My experience is that the if you go for almost total isolation then the soundstage will be narrowed. You can test this by gently pressing on your iems as they are playing - you'll find that doing so narrows the soundstage. The other main reason given for more isolation is greater bass. Those of you who own the iE80 will know that there is already plenty of this available so this is not an issue.

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Kudos to those who invent the tape mod for ie8/ie80

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i want to share my way on how to increase isolation,seal and fit with the ie80.

have an big eartips and small eartips (any big tips(i use JVC) and any small tips can be use here)

put the small tips inside the big tips

put the eartips in the ie80 and you are done


if the small eartips is to tight for the big eartips please cut this part on the small eartips

Hope it works for you guys

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