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haha thats why I bought the IE80's - Lee's enthusiasm sort of swung it for me too - plus the fact that I had Senns HD650's and HD800's and I thought if they make cans this good there IEM's should be serious quality too.


I enjoy my IE80's so much that I listen to them mostly now especially at home as no one else can hear my music - I can even go to bed listening to them and the wife cant hear a thing and even better I cant hear her LOL


Also to note - i have dropped them countless times, never used a case, accidentally snagged them - basically giving them a tough time but they just keep on going 


Oh and one more thing - i stopped using the silver cable as I just couldnt get the connectors to stay on tightly - buds kept falling off and once I got home and there was a bud missing - luckily I found it in my car - but scared me enough to go back to the original cable even though the SQ was better with the silver - but you get used to it and dont notice if your not swapping out a lot


Yeah I agree with you on this (loosing the IEM) so I sent my cable back for repair and will pay a hefty premium to get a more sturdy cable and definitely much better fit regarding the connector so i won't have to worry. So far that is between Toxic or Tralucent. I almost lost my IEMs 3 times lol so won't test my luck again... Won't be upgrading the cable for some time but definitely will in the future. Always had them drop near my car as well :P.

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One, thing I can say after owned these for ~3 weeks is that, it needs about 100+ hours of burn in. They sound much better. Silver cables coming in a week so excited to try those out. 

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Yeah,I did spend 12 days loading my cds onto i-tunes lossless,is there a quicker way?.It took another 2/3 days to find artwork,etc..I have a lot of fairly obscure African stuff,independent jazz label recordings,as well as many Japanese pressings which come up in Japanese!The next test on my sanity will be Apple players,Pure,Amarra,etc..The files I've made sound really good to me.

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I had the same trouble with my iems falling off as well, I had brought it up a few months ago but no one seemed to have had that happen at the time. I was using a hair drier to shrink the sleeves maybe once a week but eventually that didn't even help. Also the plug got damaged but I'd say that's my fault with the countless of using them with my phone in my pocket. Anyways after a few weeks of looking around for a new cable I came across plusSound audio and was intrigued by the vast amount of customizations there was. So I took a chance and ordered their Exo cable with intertwined clear and black cabling, oyaide right angle rhodium plated plug, flat braided, etc. for a grand total of $250. From what I read the silver wire and solder they use is the same/similar to what toxic cables uses but I could be mistaken. I apologize in advance for rambling and the wall of text but I am stoked to get this in the mail here soon and just had to let it out haha. I'll be sure to leave my impressions here after spending some quality bonding time with my IE80's and new cable.


p.s. Funny story, scary as well. As soon as I had ordered the cable I thought to myself "Knowing my luck I'm going to end up losing one of the iems before getting this." Low and behold the next day at work as I was walking up to my car I go to pull my iems out from my shirt (usually I tunnel them over my back under my shirt to keep the cable safe and out of the way) and notice the right piece was missing. I gasped and sprinted back inside to find it right inside the front door. Crisis averted :D

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A few weeks ago i was hell bent on selling my IE80s but now im having a change of heart. They get so much praise in this thread, and i know if i part with them i'll miss their beautiful sound. Besides, comfort was the reason i wanted to sell, but these past few days i've had no discomfort with these tips i've chosen.


The love affair continues!

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Which tips do you find?

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At least you still have the use of yours :(.


lol if it's the tips I'm thinking then it doesn't work for matt :P.

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Originally Posted by MattTCG View Post

Which tips do you find?


I actually bought them a very long time ago, i think Lee recommended them to me in this thread. I'll try find a link Matt, give me a second.

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Originally Posted by MattTCG View Post

Which tips do you find?


Here's where i bought them, although i can't find them being sold with small, medium and large together . They're being sold separate now.




Are these the ones you're talking about Lee?

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No not exactly. Well I did recommend the V-moda tips as well but more so for FX700s in my case as they sounded best on those while I found the JVC tips to sound best on the IE80s. I doubt either would work for him though. He may need a double flange variation to work for him it seems.

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I may go back and try several of the stock tips again. The comply tips are just something that are okay for now. The ie80 just sound too good to settle with a mediocre set of tips. There is something out there for me somewhere!!

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What tips out of them worked best for you? To be honest the IE80 body sits flush in my ears. The body of the IEM is also helping to give me the seal as my ear canals are rather large.

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The t400 is the best of the worst so far. I have small ear canals, so I can only use the small version of these, but am able to get a pretty deep insertion of them and they are comfortable. 


Unfortunately they are very difficult to install...I've broken two of them already. mad.gif Also they won't last very long, two months tops I'm guessing. And lastly, I think that a better tips will give a better sound signature if I can ever find a good fit!!

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How about the Sennheiser foam tips?

I like them, the sillicone are hurting after a while. It does alter the sound a bit but it is still fine for me.

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I thought that the stock foamies were decent. Comfy enough but a little hard to get a good seal.

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