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For Sale: FS: UE Triple-Fi Vi (Niagara)

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For Sale:
FS: UE Triple-Fi Vi (Niagara)

Will Ship To: Anywhere

As the title says I am selling my UE triple-Fi Vi. They have the microphone built into the cable so you can answer a call when using with an Iphone.

There appears to be an intermittent issue with the left channel as it comes in a out however I cannot recreat the issue on command, also it only seems to exhibit the issue with my iphone as when I plug it into my Logitech speakers (Z5500) they work fine. A replacement cable is $19.99 from UE.

Also they will not come with any tips as I used comply tips and there is only 1 pair left and I will not give those to the buyer (Gross...). I also suspect the buyer will be purchasing tips of there choice as everybody has different tasts.

I feel my price is fair.

Also I will ship them in a hard case in a padded envelope to save the buyer on shipping if shipping is required.

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For Trade
For Sale: $1,150 (USD)
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do still have them

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