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Long time lurker, first time poster.


I'm about to buy the Astro Mixamp with a 15% off coupon from PAX Prime, but I'm stuck wondering if the rechargeable batteries are worth picking up. It doesn't seem like a super portable device, looking a bit bulky at times. Can anyone comment if rechargeable batteries have been useful to them? Thanks in advance.


EDIT: PM me if you'd like the 15% off coupon code for astrogaming.com. Not sure on the rules about posting that information publicly. 

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If you're gonna get the wired Mixamp, you're gonna be tethered to multiple devices, so I wouldn't get the rechargeable battery pack for it. I did, and it was a waste. For the Mixamp 5.8 however, I definitely would.
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Originally Posted by Waveboy View Post

and because the Wireless astro is rocking a much higher frequency than the older model I'm guessing the difference between the sound quality with it compared to my current 7.1 receiver would be zero.




not quite sure what you're referring to in terms of higher frequency but just wanted to state that my mixamp is the wireless 5.8 and I still prefer my more than a decade old Sony 6.1 receiver over it.  Like I said, mixamp is great but the receiver is just better in pretty much every regard. 


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Astro all the way.  Weather you like the A40 which is clearer for hearing details or the A30 which has a little more thump both are good.  

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I currently own tma-1 aiaiai headphone. Does anyone know if the tma-1 aiaiai will get a good surround sound effect from the earforce dss or do i have to consider getting new headphones for it to work better?

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I have the Astro A30 with wireless 5.8 mixamp and it works great. The A30 headphone is very versatile because it has a removable mic and come with different length cords (one for console use, short one for portable use, and one PC use). The headphones are small and discrete and have a neat style making them ideal for public use (bus/plane).


About the mixamp, I have found it is a very good investment because you can use ANY headphone that has a 3.5mm connector all while being wireless! It allows me to use my AD700's when playing PS3, and any future headphone I get (easy to drive HP's of course). It is great to not have a long cord running across the living room floor when gaming and watching movies lol. As for the sound of the mixamp, it operates on a 5.8 Ghz frequency so there is (relatively) no interference from devices that use the popular 2.4 Ghz band. This allows for the mixamp to have A LOT less "hiss" compared to 2.4Ghz wireless headphones. The sound quality of the amp is pretty good; it definitely beats my laptop onboard audio even though it is wireless. The wireless (not wired) mixamp also features bass boost which adds a subtle, yet good boost to sub bass without distortion. Since the wireless mixamp is only $10 more than the wired (at astrogaming.com), I'd recommend that over anything else.


P.S. as one poster already mentioned, I recommend the rechargeable battery pack since it will save you money in the long run and lasts for quite a while. 

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Guys I play FPS games on my HP Pavilion DV6 laptop, it has an on-board stereo HD sound card (BEATS AUDIO -IDT Codec).


I will soon get the Samson SR850 headphones and I want to enable 3D sound on them to better pinpoint enemy footsteps and gunshots in all directions.


What do i need to plug my headphones into? Directly to the headphone jack on my laptop?


Other users suggested buying a :


1) Creative USB soundcard with CSSM-3D feature. I couldnt find that online, do you know the item name?

2) Turtle beach?

3)Astro Mix Amp?


I dont know which is better for my case; no background knowledge about that at all.


I dont intend to do any voice communication online, except for casual skyping.


Appreciate your help.


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Turtle beach DSS sounded awful to my ears.. My receiver did a much better job, there as a prevalent hiss in the background of the Earforce with my Denon and Ultrasone headphones... I wonder if the wireless Mixamp would do a better job. I hate having the wires all over the place, but if the sound quality is going to be pretty much the same as the Earforce I prob wouldn't bite..

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