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Oooh, a tad sensitive are we? :)


I paid 100eur for mine in Finland where as the 7506 can't be found for less than 150eur. The 7506 80usd as new? Well that's not too bad. 

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The 7506 is 80 to 90 U.S.D and the K271 is 145 U.S.D the K272 is 210 U.S.D.  I quoted the lowest price for each of them.

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I find the AKG 271 MKII is not as fun because it's more analytical.  

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As I sit here listening to them I just think they sound so good.  I know theres always better out there, but If you ask me, there isnt any for the price.  They sound amazing and I dont even have them plugged into an Amp.  Just directly into my laptop.


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I would think the 272 is cheaper in design compared to the 271, without the sound mute and such... Don't think those are the lowest prices available, but, go figure.


I find the 271 MUCH more fun. I'll take "clinical" any day if it means better pitch articulation, at which the sony are not that good. In the end, the music matters, not the sound. (gosh I feel like an ass for saying that, but it's true...)


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Just a reminder:  This is the Sony MDR-7506 thread.  Please dont sit here bashing these headphones.  And those are the lowest prices for brand new headphones, not used or refurbished.

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I'm sorry. I didn't know we were in a place of poor democracy where opinions are frowned upon and the ruler (OP) must not be defied. 


But, since the thread is not titled "Fanatics only" and from looking at your first post: "How would you rate the Sony MDR-7506 based on sound quality (mainly) and build quality?  Just wanted to hear some opinions from other people.", I think I'll just carry on and bash these headphones tongue.gif

I'm sorry for having done it in the form of having a reference and a clear premise for this silly audio hobby of ours...


Just a reminder: ... Umm I got nothing really. triportsad.gif


But, since the K272 (for instance) can be had for around the same price or less in Europe, my verdict stands. 

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If I would have only $100 for a pair of cans, they would be the Sony V6. They are robust, sound reasonably good with anything I have, iPod, iPhone, Apple laptop and my home gear. The only exception is my Sony VAIO, but nothing else does either. Today, I use them almost exclusively for travel. They pack very well. All my other cans are either too bulky, require an amplifier, are too fragile, do not isolate, etc.


In Canada, all good headphones are expensive. It is often cheaper to import them from the US and pay shipping and customs. There is a big gap in price between the Sony's, Sennheiser's and AKG's, even in the US. From a value perspective, The Sony V6, consumer version of the 7506 and sound wise identical, are nothing short of a great value. 



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I think you have stated your opinion well enough.  If you had a AKG thread, would you like it if I continually bashed YOUR headphones? I think not.  Therefore please discontinue commenting on this thread.  I understand you like AKG's better than Sony's.  GOOD FOR YOU.  However in MY Country, Sony's are a better value.  AKG's cost twice as much as my MDR's but they sound quality isnt twice as good.  (its better then my Sony's but I have a limited budget, and like I said the sound quality is better, but for twice the price I expect twice the sound quality, and at least the same build quality) THEREFORE, I believe Sony's are a greater value (let me repeat, in MY country)  You have stated your opinion several times now.  Further more, I didnt ask "What headphones are better then MDR-7506's." I asked for some opinions (yes opinions) on their BUILD QUALITY and SOUND QUALITY.  Once again I did not ask what headphones are BETTER.  I think I have made myself pretty clear.

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Hey, of course the sony might be better value. I thought we already established that. I thought we also established the price quotes and relativistic values of the phones. 


I have to disagree on the "opinions on sound quality". What are you going to do with "they sound wowsome!" without any reference? One man's "tight bass" is another man's nightmare. I've read people say the Edition 9 has "tight bass", when it indeed does not. If you want subjective praise on the headphone you feel happy about, then fine. The more the merrier. But understand where people come from and what they think about it in relative terms. 


If I had an AKG thread I wouldn't mind someone bashing them if he/she indeed had a better alternative for the model in question and offered an opinion with good reasoning and his/her preferences and premises for this hobby. Understanding > defensive action. Why would I take it personally? People are too sensitive here :)

Oh, and people DO continually bash my headphones. People here love bass, oh yes they do, and the K271/2 does not deliver in that sense... tongue.gif


I think the music reproduction quality is bad. (Clear enough for you?) If you want my reasoning, I think the Sony's are not good because it makes much of the music blurry and some pitch variations indistinguishable. If they sound good, that's just fine. But I'm not in it for the sound, hence my first post about Aynsley's footwork on Waka/jawaka. If I can't hear that simple an element in a song, it's not a good headphone for me, regardless the value. 

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Wonderful.  Thanks for another pro AKG opinion.  I REALLY think we all get it now.  I know theres better headphones out there, and trust me if I had 1,600 Dollars I would go buy the Sennheiser HD 800 and never touch my Sony's again.  It all boils down to the amount of money you have and how you can maxamize that money with the highest value product that you can buy within your means.  And yes I do like bass, not muddy out of control bass, but bass nonetheless so most AKG's wouldnt be for me.

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My point is not "there are better headphones out there regardless of price". That's mundane :)

What do you mean "pro AKG opinion"? Explicit please. I don't get it. 

Your point about budget is self-explanatory. Of course it matters, but it was not insinuated in your headline or first post. How can you be so ignorant to my comment "we've established that"? Good value for you there, crap value for me here. Relativistic. I thought we had an understanding there... 

Do you have anything to comment on my other three paragraphs?

If you do want a pro AKG opinion, here's one: The bass is there, you're just not listening basshead.gif



Back on topic.


I do like the comfort of the 7506. But does it not sound a bit, I dunno, is sibilant the right word? The hf-compensation drop starts at 4-5kHz (according to innerfidelity graphs), which is significantly higher than most headphones and might explain that "zingyness" to my ears... Opinions?

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I equalize my cans so that I can get the desired effect that I prefer.  Yes they do have a harsh upper range, every headphone has their flaws (except for maybe the Sennheiser HD 800 that I had the privilege to listen to last night) L3000.gif

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Bass distortion and low end extension characteristics both suck, as does high end extension compared to a lot of headphones.  If you can get them used or discounted, they're fine.  Flat mids.  I'd get the CAL! instead for that price or just get a V6 or T50rp if you plan on modding it.  I would not use an unmodded T50.  So for $65 a V6 is a good buy in spite of its issues.  Pay more for a CAL! if you can, though.

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After reading all the post in this thread with many very knowledgeable fellows I think I might pull the trigger on the V6's just because of the price.

I'm not an audiophile or anything like that I'm just a Music lover.

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