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A Socially Unacceptable Audiophile Addiction

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What product is so socially unacceptable that its makers hide it in cigarette boxes? Why, CMoy headphone amplifiers, headphones, and related audio equipment, of course. These ADDICTED audiophiles spend more on audio equipment each week than a methhead will spend in a month on drugs. The main fix comes from headphones, of which many self-admitted audiophiles own dozens, even hundreds for some who, like celebrities on drugs, are rich enough to fund their addiction almost daily.


Most audiophiles start off with entry-level gateway "cans", as they're called on the street, like Sony and WeSC products, and some are smart enough to get off that high before it gets addicting. However, a minority of headphone users get ever more expensive and inebriated in their tastes. These people buy continuously more expensive headphones, and eventually the quality of the drug needs supplementing, which leads them to the ever more expensive purchases of amplifiers, sound cards, and full portable rigs. In their quest for the next even higher high, they lose track of their personal finances, their social lives, and the family that they formerly loved. However, as they adapt more to the sound of high-end cans, their highs get less and less. Somebody moving up in dosage from a Sennheiser HD650 to an HD800 will feel much less affected by the audio quality as, say, a person who moved from a CX150 to the HD800. In the end, all they're left with is an insatiable demand for better audio quality and a bunch of unused, obsolete equipment left behind.


It is a vicious cycle, and it is awesome.

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What? No mention for speakers? Not to mention all the power cables, filtering boxes, carbon fiber wall socket plates, and cable risers people tend to buy.

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not to be offensive, but what is your point exactly? this world is boring enough...

try to live without any hobby and you'll understand. it doesn't matter what others think.

you choose your own way. period.

/my 5 cents


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I usually sell my gear after upgrading, hurray for not hording!

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Originally Posted by ssrock64 View Post


In their quest for the next even higher high, they lose track of their personal finances, their social lives, and the family that they formerly loved.

Spoken like a true drug addict. Cocaine's a helluva drug.

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Originally Posted by TobaccoRoad View Post

Spoken like a true drug addict. Cocaine's a helluva drug.


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My apologies for this in advance but...


...am I the only one who thought this was going to be a NikonGod thread?

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You can get off the cycle. I stopped buying audio stuff over two years ago. I have enough and it was time to get into the music. That's been a lot cheaper - I pick up used CDs for $1 or $2 each.

I've also gotten into shaving a bit. My latest find was a $1 tube of shaving gel I really like.

Then there's the cat. She was free, but costs about 50¢ a day in food, not to mention the required attention. smily_headphones1.gif She's a great companion for enjoying music - never complains about what I put on.
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That doesn't explain why some of us buy pretty headphones regardless of how they sound though.




Very best,

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I can't stop. My headphone stuff is almost done. I swear. I just want another closed headphone because the one I have is not portable. I know I have some IEMs but they don't fit perfectly and sometimes I want some more soundstage. I have high end ear buds but I need more isolation sometimes.


My car speakers need to be replaced. I can't live with stock from factory speakers. I'm looking into new speakers for my computer desktop too since the Logitech Z5500 is so cheap on Craigslist that I can just throw away my current 5.1 speakers. I don't really need studio monitors right now. I might have to look into building my own home theatre system too, but I don't have a TV. I'll wait until I have a TV.

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I'm at the end of my equipment upgrade. I'm happy and satisfied with what I have. Have to unload my unused gear so I can procure some nice SACDs.

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Why does everyone think buying headphone equipment is the same as drugs? Seems pretty normal to me. My guitar obsession is much more expensive and time consuming... Unless...

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yeah i lost total control of my finances pretty much.


and i starting  hording the cans unfortunately.

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With a tip of that hat to winkyeyes avatar pic it would seem there is a track on that record that relates to the discussion...


Patience runs out on the junkie
the dark side hires another soul
did he steal his fate or earn it?
was he force fed , did he learn it?
whatever happened to his precious self control?

Like him , i'm tired of try'n' to heal
this tomcat heart with which i'm blessed
is destruction lovings twin?
may i chose to lose or win?
maybe when my turn comes i will have guessed.

These are the horns of the dilemma
what truth this proof against all lies?
when sacred fails before profane
the wisest man is deemed insane
even the purest of romantics compromise.

What fixation feeds this fever?
as the full moon pales and climbs
am i living truth or rank deceiver?
am i the victim or the crime?
am i the victim or the crime?
am i the victim or the crime , or the crime?

And so i wrestle with the angel
to see who'll reap the seeds i sow
am i the driver or the driven?
will i be damned to be forgiven?
is there anybody here but me who needs to know?



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