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For Sale: Lovely Cube for sale

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
Lovely Cube for sale

Will Ship To: Europe and US

I want to sell my Lovely Cube headamp. The reason is that now my primary system is a speaker system, so I want to buy a dac+headamp combo.

This is a deluxe version, it has a bigger transformer, it has the opa627, it has the bias mod (the 3.49mA), last but not least, it has a stepped attenuator!

The volume knob is a little loose, but I think it can be fixed by tightening a screw, nevertheless, I've never done it as it works perfectly as it is. The amp is in perfect condition, like new.

It is extremely powerful: by rising the volume, I could use my audeze lcd-2 as small speakers in my student dorm room (no kidding)!


Shipping is not included. If you're really interested, please let me know and I'll go to the post office to ask for shipping price (it should be around 30-40 euros though, as shipping costs are very high in Italy).

I could ship this to US too, but I guess shipping costs will be higher. Shipping within Italy would be cheaper of course.

I accept paypal as payment method, for safety reasons.


If you have any questions, please don't esitate to contact me.

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Lowered the price to 140 euros.

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Price lowered to 130 euros.

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Price lowered to 120 euros wink_face.gif

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Interested. Is it sold?

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Sorry, already sold.

Admin can please close the thread.

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