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Originally Posted by greyhamster View Post

how much is that T70?
I'm selling a like new T90 (which hasn't broken it yet) for $450.
Shipping from US to Malaysia is $40

Current forex should be MYR 1000/ 3.3= USD 303


And your T 90 $ 450+40= 490* 3.3= MYR  1617


WOW! That's interesting... The warranty? How to navigate sales thread at head-fi? I'm new here...

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It's on Sale/Trade Forum --> Headphone For Sale/Trade.

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I'd just add my thoughts to this, as I have both the T70 and the HD650s.


For me the choice of which headphone has more to do with whether I can use an open or closed headphone in the environment that I'm in.  


In general, I find that I like open headphones... I'd take the T90 over the T70 any day of the week.  


At work, I can't have open headphones, as three of us share an office, so it's the T70s.  


A couple years ago I searched long and hard for a closed headphone that I liked and the T70 was one of the few that I found I could listen to for extended periods of time. One big feature for me were the velour ear cups, leather ones make my ears get too hot. 


But if I am able to listen to the HD650s, I'll take them any day over the T70s.  I just find that I enjoy listening to them more.

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